Stromboli | Easy Stromboli in 35 mins for Pizza Party

Stromboli with No Rise Pizza Dough

Stromboli is a stuffed bread made with either pizza dough or Italian bread dough, It is stuffed with various Italian Cheeses along with cold cuts or vegetables. This easy Stromboli in 35 mins can be ready for Pizza Party and is a delicious bread shaped like a long cylinder and baked. Records say that a […]

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Burger Pizza | How to make Burger Pizza

Burger Pizza

Burgers and Pizzas are interesting ones to enjoy in a pajama party exchanging stories with your friends. Do you have kids that love burgers and Pizzas? Well, this is a fusion between the two. These burger pizzas are quick to assemble as I have used storebought burger buns. I have a limited choice of vegetables […]

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Grilled Paneer Pizza Sandwich ~ Easy Breakfast Ideas

Grilled Paneer Pizza Sandwich

Grilled Paneer Pizza Sandwich is a sandwich that everybody would simply love as it has grilled paneer, roasted vegetables and pizza ingredients stuffed in between. Kids simply love this one as their favorite pizza comes in a different form. My cooking for kids is very simple and not to complicated. Meaning it is very easy […]

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Bread Pizza Toast ~ Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Bread Pizza Toast

Bread Pizza Toast is easy to make, quick dish to feed your kid for their breakfast. Moreover, as this has pizza sauce and cheese on it, kids simply love it. Probably this is one of the easiest versions you can make quickly. When I planned for this Bread Pizza Toast, I was thinking I am […]

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Tandoori Paneer Pizza

Tandoori Paneer Pizza

Tandoori Paneer Pizza is a sinful mix of tandoori masala mix with paneer topped over a pizza that makes a wonderful meal anytime. When I had made this pizza my kids couldn’t get enough of it. That was because all it had was just paneer in a tandoori masala that they all love. It was […]

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Roasted Vegetable Pizza Wrap

Roasted Veggies Wrap Pizza

Roasted Vegetable Pizza Wrap is a sinful wrap you can make quickly and it tastes delicious for any meal. Made with roasted veggies, these make a filling meal. Peddu loves variety for lunch boxes, especially all those fancy bread dishes, pizzas, etc and nothing with rice. Of course, all my kids are the same in […]

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Jasuben’s Pizza ~ A Street food from Ahmedabad

Jasuben’s Pizza

Jasuben Pizza is a delightful street food from Ahmedabad and is a popular homemade pizzas. These pizzas have no resemblance to the original pizzas as the base is a crisp biscuit with tomato ketchup and no fancy toppings, just what’s available goes on top. The highlight is the final topping with grated regular cheese. I […]

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Chatamari | How to make Nepali Pizza

Chatamari from Nepali

Chatamari is a Nepali Pizza or Newari Pizza popular as a street food comes in different versions like Egg Chatamari, Keema Chatamari and Plain Chatamari. This popular Street food has Rice crepe as the base, with various toppings made just simple vegetarian toppings to meat toppings along with Nepali spices. Most street version often has […]

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Tawa Paneer Pizza | How to make Pizza without Oven

Tawa Paneer Pizza

Tawa Paneer Pizza is a no bake pizza that you can cook on the stovetop using a tawa. With toppings like paneer and roasted veggies, this is a crowd pleaser! Pizzas are my kids all time favorite food and I make sure I bake these at every given point. With Kids being at home for […]

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Cheeses Pizza | How to make Cheese Pizza

Cheeses Pizza

Cheeses Pizza is a popular street food similar to the classic Roman past dish cacio e pepe, pasta served with only cheese and black pepper. I made a little change and added Red chili flakes as well. When I was reading the about a cheese pizza that is very addictive, I thought why not […]

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