Badshahi Pulao | How to make Gujarati Badshahi Pulao

Badshahi Pulao

Badshahi Pulao is a rich rice dish from the Gujarati Cuisine made with nuts, spices, and saffrons. Baadshah means King and it was prepared in the royal kitchen for the kings who ruled Gujarat. I had adapted from here and since I was making it for guests who visited us over a weekend, I wanted […]

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Pudina Pulao | How to make Easy Mint Rice

Pudina Pulao

Pudina Pulao is one of that easiest pulaos you can make for your Kids lunch box as this is cooked in a pressure cooker and gets done very quickly. I have used a ground paste for this pulao. If you have time in the morning to grind you can, else this can be done ahead […]

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Jeera Rice | How to make Jeera Pulao

Jeera Rice

Jeera Rice is one of those staple rice dishes I end up cooking very frequently. While this is very much like the ghee rice, including different whole spices makes this different each time you make. Packing Kids lunch box is one of the most tiring tasks I do every week. When it was only Konda’s […]

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Tomato Pulao with Fried Bread

Tomato Pulao with Fried Bread is one of those dishes from childhood. While I have so many versions of Tomato Pulao, this one is special as I remember Amma making it this way with fried bread pieces garnished on top. Some of the pieces would have steeped inside and you have that soggy deep fried […]

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Easy Channa Rice | Quick Channa Rice for Kids Lunch Box

We are entering the third week of BM#66. I have opted to make some easy and quick Lunch Box recipes for Kids. This week’s recipes are for my event Kid’s Delight, an event that focuses on Kid approved dishes for various meals. This month’s edition is guest hosted by Pavani, themed on Lunch Box Recipes. […]

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Vaghareli Khichri | Parsi Khichri

For the final day of cooking under Parsi Cuisine, I am sharing their style of making Khichri. I had made all these dishes for lunch and was planning on sharing together. However I ended up sharing it separately. This was our vegetarian lunch and Hubby dear loved the Khichri.  Though the method sort of looked […]

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Kofta Pulao | How to make Kofta Pulao

We are starting the third week of BM# 41 and I have taken up “Cooking with Alphabets”. To make things more complicated, I decided to challenge each day with a specific cooking mode. I was having that in mind when I wrote that as a clause, however it wasn’t clear enough and it was clarified […]

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Manipuri Khichdi with Ooti from Manipur

We are now on M and the one that starts with the North East states Manipur. With my chosen Bread theme, I had such difficulty finding bread in these states. That’s when I had to resort to the other clause I had for myself. And started looking at their staple food or at least with […]

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