Tomato Biryani | Easy One Pot Tomato Biryani for Kids

Nothing like a relaxing weekend with two days off. It almost feels alien with working every other Saturday. So the time it’s two days off, it feels like a long vacation. I know the feeling I will have when I get back to work on Monday. But that’s for that day to feel right. Anyway […]

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Corn Vegetable Pulao | Kid’s Lunch Box Recipes

Last week when Amma had got these corn kernels, we wanted to cook as many dishes with these as we could. But as it would be, we couldn’t find enough time to get whatever we planned. Then when hubby dear went on a day’s trip we had lunch to be planned only for us. This […]

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Quick and Simple Tomato Rice For Kids

Aloo Masala for Quick Tomato Rice

This quick and simple Tomato Rice is a delicious one-pot meal you can make for your toddlers. Since it’s so easy to make, this also works well lunch boxes. Necessity they say is the mother of all new inventions. Right, I am not about to dispute that. Just confirming that this has indeed been the […]

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