Ram Ladoo Recipe | Deep Fried Moong Dal Fritters Chat

Ram Ladoo

For the final day of Street Food, I picked up something at the last moment, something I have been seeing around the blogosphere, very differently called the Ram Ladoo, from the streets of Delhi. The first time I had a proper look at it, I was quite skeptical about why this is called a ladoo, […]

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Fried Palak Ki Chaat | Palak Pakore Ki Chaat

For the second day of street food, I picked up this Fried Palak ki chaat which is also supposed to be a Vrat Recipe. This pakora is made with Singhare ka atta or water chestnut flour. I shopped especially for this flour and was quite surprised to find it is priced so high. The recipe […]

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Maharashtrian Misal Pav | Misal Pav Recipe

Maharashtrian Misal Pav

For the final day of Indian States, I had selected Maharashtra. I had been eyeing their Thali for the longest time. I was so sure that this occasion, I will finally make it. The next push came when Pradnya so lovingly gifted us goodie bags with Maharashtrian spice powders and much more. I feel so […]

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Bhutte Ki Kees ~ Indore Speciality

Bhutte Ki Kees

We are starting the final week of BM#47 and with this, we end this year’s Blogging Marathon. Can’t believe yet another year has so quickly passed us by. We had great fun doing our monthly BM and I hope I managed to bring in exciting and interesting themes. For the first ever time I am […]

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Chole Tikki Chaat | Chole with Paneer Stuffed Aloo Tikkis

For the second day of cooking Combo Dishes, I made Chole Tikki Chat. The entire process of making this is so elaborate, I lament thinking why I take up such hard dishes, especially when I can never plan things ahead and have half the required dishes done ahead. Like the chutneys for the chat could […]

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R for Rajma Ke Kebab

We are finally on R and for this I had nothing left but to select something under the Misc/ Street food theme. So I was searching all my books, written notes and online references on what can be R and street food at that. I suddenly remembered my Kabab Mela and remembered seeing something with […]

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C for Churumuri

I think the only letter that had so many options since I started thinking about appropriate dishes, would be C. C was one of those dishes that was done very early. So I had no reason to think about going back and redoing a different dish. However the C of the original choice, referred to […]

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