Potato Salna | How to make Easy Salna Recipe

Easy Potato Salna

Potato Salna is a delicious gravy served with Parottas in Tamil Nadu. Its made with ground spicy masala and can have vegetables added or served plain as well. Salna is a thin spicy gravy made with the roasted and ground masala paste. It is served with parottas where the parottas are shredded and this thin gravy […]

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Carrot Pesarapappu Kura ~ Easy Side Dish for Roti

Carrot Pesarapappu Kura

Carrot Pesarapappu Kura is one of the simplest and easiest side dishes you can make for a comforting dinner served for Rotis. Simple moong dal with slightly sweetish carrots in it makes a typical comfort food for us. When Amma made this sometime back, I suddenly remembered that it’s been a while since we made […]

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Char Dal Tadka | How to make Yellow Dal Tadka

Yellow Mixed Dal Tadka

Char Dal Tadka or Yellow Mixed Dal Tadka is a simple and easy dal that can be served with pulkas. The dal is mild on the stomach and tastes wonderful. I chose to make this yellow dals and highlighted the colour by including turmeric powder as well. We make a simple dal with pulka at […]

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Aloo Masala for Poori ~ Combo Breakfast Dishes

Aloo Masala for Poori is one of the simplest yet tasty dishes you can make for your weekend brunch and enjoy a hearty meal. I am very fond of this Combo Dishes theme and always keep looking out for dishes that are served together. We always plan for an elaborate breakfast which also ends up […]

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Amritsari Aloo | How to make Punjabi Amritsari Aloo

We are starting the third week of BM Mega Marathon, themed on Cooking Carnival. I have picked up 1 Ingredient for all 26 days and the subtheme for this week is going to be Side Dishes / Gravies I initially wanted to do this theme for the fourth week. Somehow the planned dishes for the […]

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Vankaya Gongura Masala | Gongura Gutti Vankaya

Knowledge is knowing Brinjal is a fruit, Wisdom is not adding it in a Fruit Salad… This is what led me to think about those fruits that are used as vegetables. Technically fruits are those that have seeds and develops from flowers. However, some are used as vegetables. So some of the vegetables that are used […]

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Channa Masala Recipe

For the third and final day of cooking smooth gravies, I have yet another favorite of my kids, the chole. Our Sunday breakfast is alternated with either Appam and Tomato Kurma or Poori Channa. My boys are specific with the same dish being served. So I do not experiment all the time.  However, this time, […]

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Shahi Paneer Masala

For the second day of Smooth Gravies, I have a Shahi Paneer Masala. You know I can’t complete this series without a paneer in tow right. This is a gravy I cooked as I went on when kids asked for a new version of their favorite paneer. I started without an idea on how differently […]

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