Lasooni Moong Dal Tadka

Lasooni Moong Dal

Lasooni Moong Dal Tadka is a garlicky dal made with moong dal and is mildly spiced. This can be served with pooris or rotis and is very quick to make. In the current cooking agenda that I have until April, I have too many pooris or rotis to make. So one of the frequent side […]

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Carrot Pesarapappu Kura ~ Easy Side Dish for Roti

Carrot Pesarapappu Kura

Carrot Pesarapappu Kura is one of the simplest and easiest side dishes you can make for a comforting dinner served for Rotis. Simple moong dal with slightly sweetish carrots in it makes a typical comfort food for us. When Amma made this sometime back, I suddenly remembered that it’s been a while since we made […]

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Beerakaya Pappu | Andhra Style Ridge Gourd Dal

Beerakaya Pappu

Beerakaya Pappu is a traditional dal from Andhra made with Ridge gourd and lentils. This is a comfort dal served with steamed rice along with Avakaya Pickle. When we talk about Beerakaya Pappu, I will always remember how it has been since the time I was married and how this dal was made at home. […]

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Char Dal Tadka | How to make Yellow Dal Tadka

Yellow Mixed Dal Tadka

Char Dal Tadka or Yellow Mixed Dal Tadka is a simple and easy dal that can be served with pulkas. The dal is mild on the stomach and tastes wonderful. I chose to make this yellow dals and highlighted the colour by including turmeric powder as well. We make a simple dal with pulka at […]

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Dhaba Style Dal Fry

Dhaba Style Dal Fry is a delicious dal made with a mix of dals. When I was planning the Punjabi Thali, I decided I would pick a dal, since I have already shared some couple of Dal Fry, Takda Dal, I had this in my collection of dals, that I have collected over the years. When I was going […]

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How to make Gujarati Dal ~ Simple and Easy Recipe

For the fourth day under Indian States, I planned a mini Gujarati Menu. I had been in discussion with Vaishali for a long time and each time I was changing the menu. I wanted to prepare quite an elaborate menu. I raided her Thali’s and drooled for the longest, without deciding on much. Anyway I […]

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Parsi Style Masoor Daal

The other dish that I made with Vaghareli Khichri was this Masoor dal, parsi style. I made Tareli Vengna ni pori as a side as well. Though Hubby Dear didn’t like the Brinjal much, I enjoyed it and the over all experience of serving all these three dishes was good.  Though I had planned some more elaborate […]

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Mandua Ki Roti, Lesu, Kulath Ki Dal from Uttarakhand

We just have one more day to complete this Mega Marathon and it’s been a wonderful month of learning and reading about so many new dishes, cuisines and culture. We today visit Uttarakhand, formaly known as Uttaranchal. The state is referred as “Land of the Gods”, due to the many holy Hindu temples and pilgrimage […]

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