Diabetes | What is Diabetes Mellitus? ~ An Introduction and a general note!

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I would like to introduce my father Dr. Nagarathnam Jetty, MBBS,DPH,DIH,FIAOH.

He specialized in Public Health and Occupational medicine. Additionally, he has been in-charge for AIDS and other WHO activities in Central Government sector, India. He is also a social activist apart from leading many organizational activities. He is a recipient of many awards, including President award which he received from Dr. Abdul Kalam.

When I started this blog, one of my intentions was to share his ideas and experience in handling certain common aliments that can be prevented with care and good eating habits. So first on the list is to focus on Diabetes. Diabetes needs awareness and this series is aimed at bringing that to core. The focus will be taking care and living with Diabetes, with special recipes and menu to help tackle Diabetes.

Feedback and suggestions are most welcome!

An Introduction:

With the advent of Modern Medicine, mankind has seen many things in progress. This includes eradication and control of certain diseases, relief of pain and suffering (reduction of morbidity), prevention of diseases and premature death and increased longevity.

Once a creature including man, is born, it has to die, but with medicine, we want to give a healthy life in between, devoid of disease and morbidity. Scientists and doctors from the beginning have been doing research, experiments and discoveries and inventions towards this goal. and they have been greatly successful.

With the vast improvements in the field of medicine, we could now eradicate certain diseases and achieve control over some. Addition of new drugs, techniques and biomedical equipments can now provide better health.

From a mere 37 years of Life expectancy at the time of Independency of India, we have come a long way to achieve the present level of 66 years. There are developed countries like Japan, where we have 85 years of life expectancy. If you consider the situation in India, out of the 66 years of life expectancy, the healthy life expectancy is only 53 years, which means that a period of 13 years a man has to make visit to the hospitals for medical care.

As we are living longer we many develop chronic diseases which can also be called life style diseases, like Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Cancer and psychiatric problems. The major contributing factors for all the above diseases can be Obesity, lack of exercise, stress, food habits, smoking, pollution etc.

Diabetes and Hypertension has been increasing all over the world and India is definitely leading in the incidence. Food and food habits have a definite role in the process. In most of the developed and developing countries, the food availability has improved and consumption pattern has also changed. The incidence of obesity is increasing in all societies and it has reached almost 30% in certain society.

Food habits have changed and are continuously changing through the world. Junk foods are made available easily. With the improvement in Television and print media, we find habits and variety of foods traveling far and wide. Today it has become a fascination to know and try the diet and recipes of other societies and countries. Every magazine is seen publishing articles on new recipes and most TV Channels are broadcasting separate programs on cooking.

Today eating places, hotels and restaurants have become more and eating habits are fast changing. New recipes are introduced at hotels and at homes everyday. Recipes of all cultures are available in all countries. When a new recipe is introduced either at a eatery joint or at home, the medically important factors like calorie content, fat content, vitamins, minerals are neither considered nor thought to be important. Only the tastes and appearance and acceptability to customers and in case of house it is captive guinea pigs only matters.

In the coming weeks, the topics will cover How to diagnose. To take precautions, Dietary habits, Life style practices.

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  1. Good one Sri, Indians seems to have widespread Diabetes in their families. My dad, Arvind and his dad has it too. I keep checking mine as well, so far I am pretty healthy, fortunately.

  2. Srivalli, just got your email.

    This is excellent. I am so happy that your dad could get to share his vast knowledge with us. I am sure we all would benefit greatly from it.
    I am looking forward to this series, and as he/you rightly mentioned it is very important to keep the health and nutritional aspect of food in mind every time we cook or eat something new or old for that matter.
    Children should also be taught from an early age to eat healthy and relish the abundance that nature has to offer rather than thriving on easily available junk food.
    I totally support you and three cheers for good health!

  3. nice topic sri.itoo started my health blog for the same reason. nice to hear about ur dad.People have become more comfort oriented than health.

  4. Thats a great topic Srivalli. I think we all have someone or the other in our family who have lived with diabetes and need to take care of it oursleves too at some point in life. And its wonderful knowing about your dad and his achievements.

  5. Hi,
    really looking forward to this.My husband has diabetes and i am constantly looking out for home remedies to keep his sugar level normal..
    Thanks a lot to you and your father-in-law


  6. Just got ur email Srivalli…great job n a lot of info..my nani had diabetes…so i know wht it feels like…she was my favourite favourite person in the entire world.
    u can read more about here here-http://cooking-up-a-storm-zaayeka.blogspot.com/2008/11/steamed-spinach-and-fenugreek-dumplings.html

    u are doing a gr8 job , n u have all my support.

  7. Srivalli,you areon the right track. My dad’s side of the family has diabetes – since generations now – and my dad developed diabetes at the age of 31 and since then he’sbeen living with it. when he was just 45 he developed clot in his heart – thanks to my mom’s preserverence we operated it the same year. that was in ’87 the early days of open heart/bypass surgery. dr.p. venugopal who’ssowell known today is the man responsible for my dad’s second birth. at my home our diet completely took a 180 turn after dad’s op. it wasn’t as if dad wasgiven a separate plate – the entire family ae what dad ate. mom and my grandmum remodified our everyday food to include less oil, and minussed the coconut. dad hadstopped eating sweets a long time ago. touchwood he’s still ticking – though he has only 2 valves of his heart working. scary huh!? btw… what award from kalam did your dad pick up and which year? my mum too was awared by kalam in 2004.

  8. Excellent start. Nice to hear about your dad. I am sure this will benefit many since atleast one in a family is diabetic, these days. Looking forward to the rest of the series. Keep up the good work, Valli.

  9. Sirvalli…this topic is excellent..nowadays our way of eating have been changed a lot coz of rushing life..thanks for taking time n looking forward more regarding this…u have all my supports for this awesome work…Cheers!!!!

  10. Good one Srivalli. It will be definitely helpful to a lot of people. Diabetes has been so common now even with kids!
    It is so nice of your dad to share his knowledge with us.

  11. Excellent Sri, just got your email. I am so happy that your dad could get to share his vast knowledge with us.
    My mother is a diabetic therefore I am looking forward to this series.

  12. Thanks for the mail,Srivalli.Nice to know about your father and happy that he is sharing this info.It is a very informative and useful post.Diabetes is in my family as well.Looking forward for more..

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