Kolkata Street Food

Kolkata Street Food

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Kolkata Street Food showcases some of the popular street food you will find in Kolkata. These include Ghugni Chaat, Papri Chaat, Club Kachoris, and the famous Kesar Chai.

When I decided on making some of the most popular Kolkata Stree Food, I had a tough time deciding on what to make. Most of the popular food seems to revolve around nonveg and some of the vegetarian options also had eggs in it. The street food has influence from the North East cuisines, Nepal, and the other neighboring states.

While checking on the dishes, I remembered our vacation in Kolkata spent at parents’ house who lived there for two years. We went during Christmas time and the whole place was so alive! Wherever you go, the places were crowded with people so busy with their work, jostling around with a festive mood. We had walked around the city and we could see the Chaat walas everywhere. However, my father didn’t allow me to taste a dish. We were allowed to just look at them and walk around.

Imagine going through lanes and shops selling so many delicious chats and not tasting even a bit. However, knowing that my father would never allow such a thing, I never even missed eating those dishes. I was curious to see how each was made.

What are some of the popular Kolkata Street Food?

Apart from the ever popular sweets, dishes like Momos, Kati Roll, Dimer Devil, Jhalmuri, etc are very popularly available in the street. There were also dishes like Chhanar Jilipi, Telebhaja, Ghugni Chaat, and the most popular Jhalmuri.

Many times I have seen and read about the famous kathi roll and have tried my own version of it. Though with an omelet, it is very popular. As with other street food, for Kolkata to I decided I should pick a flatbread to make sure everybody had something to have for their breakfast.

I picked up Club Kachori that is actually Urad Dal stuffed Pooris serves with Aloo Kaddu Sabzi. The Papri Chat is very popular on the streets of Kolkata and I saw many videos to know how this differs from the other places.

Kolkata style Papri Chaat differs from Delhi style by not using sweet Curds in it, while the toppings has a white peas gravy similar to the Ghugni Chaat dish, followed with a green chutney that is made with peanut and then followed by Imli chutney and finally a very generous Sev. This was a total hit with my kids and even Chinnu loved it as it didn’t have curds in it.

Ghugni Chaat is a gravy kind of dish of white peas and then topped with chaat ingredients. Finally to top it all you have the Kolkata famous Kesar Chai. As Kesar Chai seems to have a cult following as many videos talked about, I searched for a recipe and couldn’t find it. I recreated seeing the making of it. Since I haven’t tasted myself I just went ahead seeing how the guy was making it. Peddu had this beverage and liked it. I am not a chai person, so it was fine with me.

Coming to the recipe of the day, it is going to be Club Kachori.

Kolkata Street Food

Kolkata Street Food

Starters: Ghugni Chaat, Kolkata Style Papri Chaat

Main: Urad Dal Poori

Side Dish: Aloo Kaddu Sabji

Accompaniments: Khajur Imli Chutney, Moongphali Hara Chutney, Boondi, Sev

Dessert: Kesar Chai in Kullars

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  1. Kolkata has been a dream destination for me , in fact it was planned for Jan 2021 , but obviously with the current situation all travel plans have to take a back seat .

    The chaats of Kolkata are very different from North , i have only tasted them at the airport while we were in transit for a couple if hours .

    Looking at this chaat platter I so want to visit this city and enjoy all that street food , but surely will recreate in my kitchen ! It looks fantastic and can’t be missed at any cost , you know street food is my weakness !

  2. I wish I was your neighbor, Valli. I could barge in whenever I smelt something good. πŸ™‚ i don’t have energy to cook this many varieties and coming up with 52 different platters is sure a big deal. Lot of time mist have gone in research itself. This is another truly enjoyable paltter.

  3. Is there any specific reason why your father doesn’t allow to eat out at Valli? I admire your discipline and following the rules. The entire platter is inviting and me being a chai person eyeing on that kesar chai. πŸ™‚

    1. Yup, he is a doctor and very strict about eating out..hehehe…infact, even during our BM Delhi street food walk, I had to control so much…I actually enjoyed seeing our friends enjoy..:)..

  4. Another interesting platter of street food, all my dishes are favourite. You are right at times it is difficult to choose, especially the street foods are more non-veg .

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