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Welcome to my blog!
You might wonder why to have another blog when I already have one going on! Well when I created my Cooking 4 all Seasons, all I had was just 2 seconds to decide on a name and click ok to view my blog. I must’ve tried a couple of names, before settling down to this name for a blog. But as things turned out, the name portrays everything that’s me and my cooking style. But it resisted to certain things that I wanted to focus more on. Having a name that was much focused on the cooking front, I couldn’t discuss other things that I feel need attention and discussion.
Hence this blog Spice your life! And yes I did spend some time choosing the right name and this I believe is what life is all about. Without spice there is no taste in food and so is life. Getting the right spice matters a lot. And I believe children act as the spice in our life. Without them, life is really dull. They make it worth it, with their laughter, their smiles, their pranks, their tears, their games, and of course, their likes in food. This blog is dedicated to children and to things that matter to us when we talk about them.
When I started Cooking 4 all Seasons, my daughter was 6 and my twins were 6 months. In this one year, I have seen their food habits change, along with so many other things. My daughter is a very picky eater and I am always challenged to find dishes that she eats without complaints. And on top of, it got to be healthy and nutritious. So when I pack lunch, its one separate for her and for us. So now I pack for 3 of us, down the lane I will end up packing for 5. So by then I really must be having lots of ideas. But my daughter’s lunch box is always a big challenge, so this blog is my way of learning more Kid friendly dishes and kids-oriented things. And yes I would like to have a space for Parenting, as I am sure it’s going to be useful for me and many others too.
Apart from that, I have had requests for healthy recipes, Bachelor recipes. So finally I have space where I can have discussions on Diabetic recipes, Bachelor recipes, and some!
And above all, since being a vegetarian this space is for me to cook dishes that are purely vegetarian, yes not even egg. Though I won’t claim Vegan, yes I like my milk and cheese! So if you are looking for Indian Vegetarian, then you are in the right space.
Hope you will enjoy it!

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  1. U really know how to give inferiority complex to other bloggers…..3 kids,a job,so many events,and yet another blog??Tell me the truth …are u secretly blessed with 48 hrs per day time??lolz….
    On a serious note,the idea is wonderful…and u just echoed all my thoughts…i too wanted a space to fret,fume and vent about the inability of many parents to impart good actual knowledge to their kids,and judge kids of others on some idiotic scale of IQ and academic achievements.Moreover bachelor cooking is one more section that i would love to see blooming on ur blog,coz my BIl who is away from home for official visit ,finds it hard to cope up with cooking on his own
    eagerly waiting for this blog of urs to flourish…Loads of wishes…

  2. I seriously second Alka’s comment. Here I’m finding it difficult with my son and am a stay at home mom too! I think I can’t complain anymore about not having time.

    Good one Valli. Will keep checking for updates.

  3. Hi valli, good luck with your new blog. Would love to see more kid friendly recipes as both my kids are picky eaters :-O What goes around comes around 😉

  4. Wow Srivalli! You are a really energetic woman! I like the kdea behind this blog- being a parent, one is always faced with question marks and challenges in various forms everyday. Looking forward to inspirations from your blog. Good luck!

  5. Wow, an other food blog! Kudos to you lady.:). Congrats and please do share your secret about how do u manage to do anything and everything in life! I am still struggling to balance my personal, professional life with my blog and book reading ofcourse!.

    the template looks so cool. Loved it. All the best with this new venture.


  6. Thank you everybody. I am really overwhelmed at your warm response to this blog. I really hope I can keep up to the mark. About managing, well I am sure you guys are doing better than me. But it does make me feel good to be given support for this.!

    Now I have the mammoth task of keeping up my image..:)

  7. Awesome! Frankly I have myself been thinking of starting another blog for EXACTLY the same reason. There is so much more to life than cooking. One really needs another space too.

    Congrats on this new venture and good luck!

  8. Great to see you as another blog owner….I am also agreeing with alka, its all in our hands that we could find time for anything if we are interested …. Congrats and keep going!!

  9. hi srivalli, this is a great idea! are you just going to keep this one going or maintain both the blogs?? I am happy cos I am always on the lookout for kid friendly dishes!

  10. hi srivalli,

    my name may look new, but i been an ardent follower of ur blog for the last few months. this idea is truly great. Being a mother of a boy ur daughter’s age and a girl ur twins age, i really find myself understanding ur feelings.

    I dont still have my own blog, but hope to soon. I have subscribed to ur blogs, so keep getting updates.
    Do keep up the good work. ALL THE BEST FOR UR NEW BLOG.


  11. Srivalli, I am an ardent fan of cooking4allseasons. Now I am a bigger fan of you. Oh boy…I so admire your energy and enthusiasm. I believe its all in the mindset. please share with us your management skills – parenting, career and home. that will spice up our life as much as yours!

  12. Thank you everybody for your encourgement, really gets me going!…

    Lakshmi, its a real pleasure getting you here…thank you for your kind words!..as I said wonderful comments from readers like you, motivates me more!

  13. Hi srivalli,

    I am really happy to find your blog on net.Today my mood was off when my son refused to eat whatever is offerred to him.i was searching in net on kids recipies,so i got ur blog.Its really surprisig how do you really manage office,home,3 kids and these extra activities like blogs.You must be well supported by everyone of your family.from now i will become regular reader of your blog.By the time i go home after my office i will be too much tired still i try to play with my son and cook for the family.just for these things i will run out of time.you are a great manager of TIME 🙂

  14. hi srivalli! am amazed at the way you seem to be juggling so many things in life and yet are taking out time to follow your passion. it is people like you who have inspired me to start my blog and do more than just go to work. will be following both ur blogs religiously from now on 🙂 good luck!

  15. Hello 🙂

    You have an awesome blog and a vast selection of yummy recipes 🙂 I would have loved to join you girls for the Marathaon Week but I guess I am late. 🙁 Just saw the post now

  16. Hey Srivalli, i liked your blog and the idea behind creating it…Making kids eat healthy and nutritious food is on all moms' minds..Thanks for sharing the recipes 🙂

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