Blogging Marathon 75th Edition Celebrations ~ Day 2

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The day started early even though we slept very late. Read the Day 1

Day 2 – A walk through the Street Food of Delhi, Chawri Bazar, Chandni Chowk. Dress Code was Red.

This post is going to be a pictorial walk through.

The previous night after we had a tour of the Dili Haat, we came back to our apartments. We met Archana and her daughter.

We had a long late night discussion on the plan for Friday. Vaishali was again telling us we got to wake up early to have a relaxing day walking.

We had a light breakfast before leaving. We caught the Metro and reached Chawri Bazar. The roads were almost empty, except at few shops.

The first shop we saw people crowding was this Aloo Parathe wale. He was making parathas fresh and hot. A huge crowd was gathered to partake the food.

Aloo Paratha

After the aloo paratha, we walked further to find this hot stuffed bread pakoras being fried. The entire plate looked so sinful. He served it with an Aloo Subzi. I just realised I have a picture missing. Will upload once I access. It was a scene of all our members attacking the person who held the plate, so many pictures being clicked.

Vaishali was our model for many of our pictures.
Bread Pakoda

Next stop was at this Shyam Sweets Stall, where Matar Kachori, Bedmi Poori Aloo Subzi, Nagori Halwa was famous. The best part was the Moong Dal Halwa we finally ate. I couldn’t eat this Moong Dal Halwa during my last visit, which happened during October and they said this sweet is available only during winters.

Moong Dal Halwa lived up to its name.

We first had Bedmi Poori Aloo Subzi and I wanted to taste the authentic version, as I have quite a few versions of this on the blog.

Next was the Nagori Halwa, which is a crisp poori eaten with sooji halwa. The small pooris with the yellow halwa bowl below, is the Nagori Halwa.

We finally had the famous Matar Kachori and it was so flaky.

As we finished and walked down further, we saw Daulat ki chaat. I have read so much about this winter special, and I guess all others in my group as well, as I saw everybody getting so excited.

We recorded how the guy was assembling the sweet. It’s a heavy peaked milk cream, with malai, topped with khova and Misri. I was let down as I felt the dish didn’t keep up with the grand name it had. I felt it was not sweet enough. Agreed it had that cloud like feeling, melting in your mouth. Still, something was missing. Anyway, it was worth watching this sweet being enjoyed by rest.Daulat ki chaat

Once again we walked and were taken into narrow streets, that were full of wires hanging all around. It was literally we walking into a crowded wired street.

Delhi Street Foods

We were asked to wait and later realised that we were waiting for the famous Kulfi wala to open his shop. Preeti called up this guy, telling him that we were waiting. He came after a while and opened his shop.

It was a feast and all of us were so excited to indulge in all the varieties of kulfis he had to offer.

The specialities were the whole fruit frozen with kulfis inside. In total, we tasted about 14 varieties and we left at that because rest of the items were not in stock.

We started with Mango, then had Anar, Aam Panna, Gauva, Apple, Imli, and many more. Some were whole fruit frozen, rest were with water.Kulfis

This was clicked after we were full with kulfis.

We walked out and look what we found! Cycle Wale Chhole Kulcha. I have heard so much about this chhole wala from hubby dear, he said these cycle wales will come early morning with their stuff and it gets over very quickly.

Vaishali had the food plated for me to click. We even asked the guy how it is made. I have recorded what he said. I am planning to make it soon.

After that we walked further down, seeing the beautiful Green Chickpeas, and other fresh vegetables.

Delhi Street Foods

The Nayi Sadak that we travelled through autorick. This place is famous for wedding dresses and books.Delhi Street Foods

We caught a rick to reach the Sis Ganj Gurudwara. After praying we partook the Karah Prasad that is offered.

It was around noon this time and there was still no signs of Vaishali slowing down or letting us take a breath. She was so keen we saw all that was on offer.

We crossed the road to check out the street food on the other side.

Some of the chats that were available were the Ram Ladoo , Kanji Bada. Then we tasted Rabdi.Ram Ladoo

Delhi Street Foods

Rewari which is similar to Til Papad. Rest of the pictures were clicked on the random chat shops.

We saw huge slabs of fresh paneer being loaded.

It was almost 3 pm and we were totally exhausted. All of us wanted to leave, but not without paying a visit to the famous Parathe Wali Gali, on which I recreated at home couple of years ago.

We went through and watched it being made in the first shop. Clicked pictures and recorded a video. Then left. After some shopping for the kids, we moved on.

We saw some more Aloo Tikki,  Kalmi vada chat, Cheela SandwichDelhi Street Foods

We finally reached our rooms. We still had loads of work to be done for the workshop next day. Some of them sat to pack the goodies we wanted to give the attendees.

Gayathri had to bake some cakes ahead. She had trusted assistants in Ritu, Sowmya and rest.

We had planned some blogging sessions for next morning, as the Baking Workshop was scheduled for 1 pm.

Before I sign off, here’s a picture of us in Red!


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  1. I have lived half my life in Delhi , enjoyed all this street food , but to take a complete food tour like this … it is simply awesome , my friends and family are truly envying me .

  2. Valli that’s so much of wonderful food in this post. Enjoyed reading it as much as you guys enjoyed eating it :-). Thanks for taking us through your day with you Valli, in some ways I also feel part of that day now 🙂

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