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  1. Varadas Kitchen says

    I made this stew too and though bland we kind of liked it.

  2. Usha says

    I can repeat my comment for tomato relish here. That recipe I mentioned there did not have any oil either I was very bland thought I added a chili to it. Even I should have tried it with peri peri. Nice to know the stew tasted food with peri peri though it was bland,

  3. Priya Suresh says

    Excellent nutritious, this stew is fabulous..

  4. Pavani N says

    Such a simple and tasty looking black eyed peas dish.

  5. [email protected] says

    This is nice, no oil is used. I have no pressure cooker, thinking to use the slow cooker to cook long hours till the beans are soft. Probably this is nice to serve with French loaf. 🙂

  6. The Pumpkin Farm says

    even i made it though i did not post it as i did not have rice or roti to serve along with it...i added chilli and then we loved it, i think we did it similar

  7. Padmajha PJ says

    The dish looks good.If its not spicy, my kids will like it.Will try this for the kids and add heat to it for the others.

  8. Priya Srinivasan says

    I m just going up and down to see why there are no spices included!!! Stew looks hearty, but then little spice won't do any harm!! 🙂

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