Vegetarian Thali Menu List

Pavakkai Pitlai

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Vegetarian Thali Menu List features we make for Saturday lunch and it features Pavakkai Pitlai, along with fried dishes to make a delicious meal for the weekend.

Since we planned on making bitter gourd, we decided to have some more dishes on the platter just to balance it. So Drumstick Masala was planned along with vada and bajji to make the meal complete. I had previously made Pavakkai Pitlai and wanted to make another thick version of this dish.

I don’t eat bitter gourd however since we were making a new dish, I had to taste it. The chickpea that is added makes this dish very delicious and you end up with a wholesome meal. The side eats like this Pavakkai Bajji and masala vada surely makes it very interesting. We had Karasev and served as munchies along with the meal. Yes, you can see we had more deep fried stuff on the plate.

Our weekend meals normally have some fried dishes along with sweets. We won’t usually have time for sweets on weekdays other than Tuesday when Hubby Dear does the Homa. Apart from this, we normally have Rasam that I forgot to plate it.

Sharing a couple of thalis we had at Vaideeswar Kovil, that inspired me so much for my Thalis. I had the exact menu planned, however, it didn’t work out. So sharing the pictures for all to enjoy!

Some South Indian Meals served in Hotels:

South Indian Lunch Thali 1

These are South Indian Meals you get in Hotels. It comes in both limited and Unlimited in regular hotels. However, in hotels we visited down south there was no such concept. Most served unlimited meals. You can ask for a second, third serving of all dishes served on the Thali.

What was interesting was the combination of Plain dal, dry sautes which had some lentils added, a roast dry saute, one kootu with again some lentils, Puli Kuzambu, or Kara Kuzmabu, Sambar, Rasam, Curds, Payasam.

South Indian Lunch Thali 2

I will have to plan for this meal sometime soon.

For today’s Thali, I featured Pavakkai Pitlai.

Pavakkai Pitlai

Vegetarian Thali Menu List

Drumstick Masala
Pavakkai Pitlai
Pavakkai Bajji
Masala Vada
Steamed Rice
Semiya Payasam

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  1. You have different dishes planned for particular days ? I love the bitter gourds , so this kind if thali is something I would easily enjoy . The bitter gourd with nuts version that you shared with me long back is a total hit .

    We are fond of drumsticks too , would like to try a new version of that .
    Simple thali with crunchy dishes will please everyone !

  2. I love bitter gourd, it was a regular menu item but slowly stopped it since my husband doesnโ€™t like it. This is a great treat for me given that I hardly get to see the vegetable now a days ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Tanjore and kumbakonam area are known for their food especially that rice. I love all the “mess” food and when we went to vaideeswaran kovil we coulldn’t relish any food there in that place. Anyways love your thali and I am sure you can recreate the hotel style one soon.

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