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There are certain dishes you ought to recreate if you want to capture the essence of those childhood days. And the next few posts will be in true sense of those moments. I have heard hubby talking so much about his childhood days spent eating these delicious evening snacks, that I always wanted to visit his hometown just to taste these snacks that he keeps talking about. 
Amma used to make Mirapakaya Bajji with those special chillis that are not spicy, but only after marriage I was introduced to these bajjis that are made with the regular green chilies. Now I came to know later that in Ananthapur, you get a variety that is not spicy at all. I have tasted it and was wonder-struck that a chilli can look so green, yet wasn’t hot! But it is true. Still even there you got to search for it and get it right, else you end up with a hot spicy chili. 
But guess what the kids who grew up there can easily eat a spicy stuffed chilli without battering an eyelid. I have seen my nieces and nephew doing just that and even I won’t venture. So when Athamma makes it for me, she makes sure she sautes it and makes it less spicy. 
Last week when I was discussing with hubby dear on his childhood food that he might want to eat again, he was telling me about all these different snacks that gets done on the road side eatery shops and I could sense and see a twinkle in his eyes, he was transported to days bygone, and with a sign ended saying those were the best time.

I have already posted on how Athamma makes the Mirapakaya Bajji and yes I have also captured a Video with Athamma making the Mirapakaya Bajji knowing very well that this is something you ought to see to get it right, let me tell you even after seeing it’s hard to get it done the right way. So I choose the easy way out and request Athamma to make this always. 
My kids love Uggani, which again is a specialty dish from Hubby dear’s hometown. Imagine my joy knowing that I get to eat such delicious dishes on regular basis. Though I have learnt to make the perfect Uggani, getting the chili right is not yet done. These posts are the ones I posted during the initial period, I am yet to get back to updating the pictures. But I guess you will enjoy reading on them.
I made Uggani for dinner last night and kids loved. I wanted to make sure get the Masala Mirchi Bajji done too. When hubby dear walked in home, he was happy being greeted by an aroma that was tantalizing. With hurriedly clicking pictures of the finished snacks, we enjoyed! Agreed it was spicy though he didn’t show any reaction.

Step by Step pictures for making Masala Michi Bajji.

Select tender long chillies, remove the seeds, stuff with roasted cumin powder

Another stuffing is with roasted fried gram, chili powder, salt and garlic.

Chillis stuffed with different masala.

Heat the oil, when it is hot fry the stuffed Bajji dipped in Besan.

 Remove once the bajji is cooked on both sides. Using a sharp knife cut in middle

Stuff it with finely chopped onions, coriander leaves.

Top it with spice powder that is made with fried gram flour, Red chili powder garlic and salt.

Mirapakaya Bajji is made as the same way as I have posted. Check out the Mirapakaya Bajji Video
This is served with Uggani.
Konda normally loves to eat these spicy Chili bajji, by eating just the outer layer of Besan. It will still spicy stuff.
Note: These are regularly made with chillies that are sauteed ones for the kids, which are not very spicy. But kids growing up in Anantapur eat this as they are used to it.

Sending this to Kid’s Delight,– hosted this month by Champa themed on Restaurant Recreations.
I hope she accepts this!

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Masala Mirchi Bajji | Mirchi Bajji with Masala | Mirapakaya Bajjilu | Step by Step Recipes

Course Snacks
Cuisine Andhra Pradesh
Author Srivalli
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  1. Looks so delicious but I can't stand spicy stuffs.Hubby would love them though.My lil one is just like Konda,she eats the besan covering and leaves out the bajji vegetable!!!

  2. Love the mirchis coated in besan. They are the best and the most sumptuous pakoras/side dish. I just love to have it and will surely try out ur version, sounds great !

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