Mumbai Street Food

Mumbai Street Food

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Mumbai Street Food showcases the most popular street food of all the pav Bhaji along with various versions of this dish.

Mumbai Street Food tops any street food and can’t be missed when I do a series on Street Food right! I had so many dishes planned and went through it many times trying to decide what will best represent. My list was huge however as always with the given time and my fixation on making all the dishes at the same time, I fail to cover most of the dishes on the list.

I know it will be very tough for my folks to enjoy all the dishes, not to mention I will go crazy. However, I have tried my best still it is next to impossible to make something ahead and have a portion of it for the thali. Forget about cooking the previous day, even making the dishes for the morning and lunch, having a portion was just impossible.

The result is, I run around like a headless chicken trying to complete everything on time. I had other plans of serving all these chats in the bowls and the way it was supposed to be served. The funny part was I couldn’t find any of those specially bought things. I had those before lockdown and I just couldn’t figure out where I had kept those. I am sure they will surface out when least in need! Murphy’s law always works!

Planning the Mumbai Street Food Menu:

Coming back to the menu, this was made just after the lockdown was announced and that was the week when I was cooking Mega BM posts almost for all meals. I knew it was a big stress on everybody with the things considered. It was almost a week later we decided we are going to postpone the theme. I never even thought of redoing any theme as I know it’s such a colossal task.

When I see the final dishes that I got done, it looks like I had pav in mind and worked on other dishes around it. The original plan had other popular dishes from the street food and those I haven’t shared already. Of course, I have a Pav Bhaji already done. We make Pav Bhaji at least once a month, if not twice depending on getting fresh pav.

During the lockdown, the Social Media was frizzy with homemade pav bread. Even I thought about it and dropped the idea. I still can’t believe six months have passed with all of us at home. Everybody’s taste has to be considered when the menu was picked.

The one biggest thing that could change for us is Chinnu finally ate Pav. In fact, he tasted Pav for the first time when I made this theme. So it is a big milestone event for us. Else all these years when I make Pav Bhaji, I have to plan something else for him and he will always sulk.

Pav Bhaji and more!

From the many street food videos I saw, everybody seems to give so much importance to Amul Butter being added to the bhaji or the pav. So this time I made sure I got it when I made this. Of course, the salted Amul butter surely made things so much better.

The Bhaji recipe is a new one and the other combinations were really a hit, with me repeating some of them since then. Can you believe that we make this dish so many times yet I haven’t clicked a decent picture of it or the step by step pictures! Will get to that someday!

So for today, the basic Pav Bhaji with made differently than what I make is featured in the Mumbai Street Food.

Mumbai Street Food

Mumbai Street Food

Mumbai Street Food
Pav Bhaji
Cheese Pav Bhaji
Cheesy Masala Pav
Kanda Bhaji Pav
Pav Pattice
Lahsun ki chutney

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  1. Love this pav platter. Valli, I could understand how stressful it is if planning to cook 52 thaalis. What I learnt during this marathon was to save a small portion of a dish if I was going to include it in a thaali and freeze it if I could. That worked for my breakfast thaalis and some of the other meals. However no one could guess what went behind te scenes by going with the thalis your are presenting. You are including even desserts in each and every thali of yours. This street food definitely is planned around pav and I can guess why there are a couple of cheese buns. 🙂

  2. Hats off to you that you could pull off cooking 52 thalis. I would definitely go crazy figuring out which one goes in which theme etc.. Loving this pav platter. Street food is always welcome at home and so all dishes are welcome.

  3. Mumbai is the hub of street food and no other state can beat them for the pav they have . The pav bhaji taste in Mumbai cannot match with any other city .
    I see you have such a wonderful platter , all my favourite food . Don’t know where to begin , everything looks awesome .

  4. Without your push, I wouldn’t have participated in this mega BM. Thank you and I can so relate to the stress. Making 52 thali is quite a task and you have done it amazingly. This pav platter is so good and that cheesy pav is tempting me.

  5. Oh I remember khao gali in mumbai, just where my aunt stays and all different types of foods are there. Yes you have everything in mumbai because we have everyone in mumbai. Love the different types of pav bhaji here

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