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In the previous post under Blogging 101, I showed how we can go about doing Text Link or Image Link Blogger.
When you are a food blogger and want to participate in the different Food blog events, you should know how you should link to the event announcement.Taking part in Blog events helps in bringing awareness to your blog and in turn gets you exposed to new blogs and new readers.

Another interesting factor would be the motivation you get in preparing new dishes for the events. In the beginning of my blogging, I used to prepare so many dishes just for the different events. Each time catering to different themes, with different vegetables or concept. It was such fun interacting, cooking, posting and checking out other entries.

Coming to the event rules, most hostess create logos that represent the theme. The logos will act as the messenger to spread word about the events. Most don’t really make it mandatory for the participating blogger to feature the logo, however linking back is mandatory. 
Though the logos are not mandatory, it does look very nice when we take efforts in showing the logos. From a personal point of view, I always think one shouldn’t participate in more than four events. The entry looses interest and so does the other bloggers who check out your entries. 
In such cases, when you participate in many events and you have the need to put up the logos, your posts will be full of only event logos, rather your food pictures.
I do this in two ways, 
1) Creating a picture collage with all the event logos 
2) Linking the images and adjusting the size.

Creating a picture collage with all the event logos

When I was participating in events, I used to put all the logos in a single picture. In this way, you not only save hosting space, your posts don’t look messy. At the same time you abide by the rule of featuring the picture and satisfy the hostess.

The way to go about doing it will be to either download the events to your desk and copy them to a new paint/photoshop. Else you can take print screen of the logo and create a collage with all the logos you want to display.

Linking the images and adjusting the size

In this Besan Ki Burfi, I was sending the entry for four different events. Now as such I had step by step pictures, and on top if I had to upload four more pictures, it will turn out very heavy, not to mention that at times the logos might not match my colour schema. That’s when I follow the method of Image linking to the different Event logos as I had explained in the previous post,Image Link
I followed the same method of Image Linking, plus I also adjusted the height and width so that all the logos look alike and don’t distract much.
In the same pattern as how you would specify anImage Link, you will now adjust the height and width as I have highlighted.

The above code will look like how it is in the Besan Ki Burfi, all the four event logos displayed in small size and in one line.

You can experiment with the picture size and decide before publishing.

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