Indian Food Odyssey ~ Journey through 30 Indian States

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“A journey of a thousand leagues begins beneath oneโ€™s feet.”
– Lao Tzu
We embarked on our journey couple of months ago, when we decided we would do a month long marathon on Indian States. We finalized 30 states for 30 days in April and you will see our BM group, showcasing dishes authentic to each state in alphabetically order.
The discussion for the journey started almost as soon as we finished the ABC Series and have been so occupied and obsessed with this topic as nothing else has ever done for us.
I am so looking forward to each of my friend’s posts on BM#39. I am sure they are going to rock!
Before we step in, just wanted to share some background things that happened behind the scenes.
The planning has been happening over 150 days, with more than 1000 emails in threads, 24*7 interaction on WhatsApp across globe, million pageviews contributed to many sites and near phd degrees to be awarded to many of the members!
When we decided on Indian States as the theme, it was left open to individuals to decide what they wanted to do, with only condition being the dish can’t be a simple dish if it’s from their native state.
It leaves me with a chuckle, when I remember my ambitious thought of doing Thalis from each state! Towards to the end, finding even one doable dish from some of the states, was a tough task. I realize how far fetching that would have been. 
Leaving the thalis aside, the next favorite category in Indian Cuisines has always been “The Indian Breads”. I wanted to explore this from all states and showcase each of them. Since I seem to have attempted at most of them, it again became a tough task to arrive at something new and different in each state.
Towards the end of my search and research, I realized it was really new impossible to assign a bread authentic to a state. So many states had similar or almost the same bread being made. And in the end I thought I might focus on the staple food. Even that become hard as we couldn’t find anything new or staple food was just rice. 
In this month long marathon, you will see me making mostly breads, with all possible grains incorporated as the main grain of the state, Wheat, Rice, Millet etc. Couple of deviation from my own chosen rule, and yes all of them accompanied with an serving side dish authentic to the state. Most of the posts will have two recipes, if not some with three. And some with just one, you can’t fault me when there was hardly any to dig into! 
With due credits to my entire BM friends, who have encouraged and motivated everybody in their journey and special thanks to Vaishali, who in spite of her busy schedule, was my sounding board and helped me decide on some of the dishes.
Of course my family was my greatest support all through. My parents loved everything that was made. Unlike last time, I had to confess that I was doing something of this sort to hubby and he was almost getting scared everyday. Finally he even accepted it and started asking what state was it for dinner. Even my colleagues knew about this and were keeping track for me. However the greatest support and help was from Konda. She was the one who took most of the step by step pictures, my wrath and enjoyed the most. She even declared end of this exercise, she would become an ace photographer and said it’s hard being a photographer, especially a Food photographer, even terrible if the client was somebody like me. To her I dedicate this series.
A warm welcome to my readers and I hope you all enjoy this as much as we had enjoyed cooking and eating!

The journey in its finest, recap of all 30 days.

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  1. I'm so looking forward to April 1 Valli. I have to agree that without the family members and BM member support, this mega marathon would not have been possible.

  2. Looking forward to the BM. Yes, it would have been very difficult without the support of the family, as they were the guinea pigs of all our cooking. ๐Ÿ™‚

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