Join me for some “Sweets and Snacks” all of this Sep!


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Welcome to yet another Mega Blogging Marathon that happens twice a year! This second one is themed on Sweets and Snacks.

You can read all about the theme in the announcement post I did a while ago. We have divided September into 4 weeks, the first week with sweets and other weeks have specific theme fixed. We will be starting from the 2nd Sep as 1st falls on a Sunday. We will be 6 posts for the first 3 weeks and 8 posts for the last mandatory week.

While I love to be planned and prepared, off late, it looks like I am unable to keep up with anything and results in haphazard cooking and sharing.

I was sort of busy with the BM#100 Meet plan we had during July and it wasn’t until I came back and thought about it, I realized that I didn’t have even one dish cooked. I almost thought I will drop out this time.

I know I can’t do that and hence I sat and made a list as per the schedule we had decided. I had no time to think of cooking another 26 dishes for Cooking 4 all Seasons this Sep and was worried about what I will post.

Reason being, that I wasn’t prepared and another one being, the fourth week is a fixed list that will be cooked by all with their own recipes though.

As it always happens, I was talking to Vaishali who asked if I was doing on C4AS as well. I said I didn’t have time and moreover, how can I post the same dish in both the blogs. She said I could do a variation of the recipe as there are so many ways one can do the same recipe.

So that got me into trouble. I sat down to create the list again, this time making sure I cover all those dishes that were long pending on my list and some simpler ones. The result is you will get to enjoy some sweets and snacks on Cooking 4 all Seasons as well!

Since the main theme is snacks, we hadn’t specified what type of snacks we can showcase. So I managed to have a subtheme for each week for both the blogs and I am done with half of it right now. I hope I can complete it before the marathon ends!

I did marathon cooking for these snacks too. And totally enjoyed the whole process!
So join me to read what I have cooked up!

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