Besan Ki Poori aur Sabzi Thali

Besan Ki Poori aur Sabzi Thali

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Besan Ki Poori Aur Sabzi Thali is a platter with pooris along with delicious side dishes and accompaniment for a complete meal.

Enjoy this Besan Ki Poori served with some easy aloo sabzi, some creamy dal, and chutney. I have tried almost so many different combinations, right from including millet flours to whole grain flours into the poori, I already have a Besan Masala Poori that has a heavy mix of whole spices, this version is very simple and easy to make.

My initial plan was to make roti with this dough. However, I suddenly remembered planning Pooris and with B. So the roti ended up being a poori. This was also one of those rare occasions when I plan well enough to serve the same side dishes for two different bread. If I remember right, I was actually cooking two more I think along with the different subzis. So it was a marathon cooking. At times like this, I get so exhausted that I don’t have the energy to even click pictures.

It came handy that the side dishes paired well these pooris as well. Besan Ki Poori is the featured recipe for today.

Besan Ki Poori aur Sabzi Thali

Besan Ki Poori aur Sabzi Thali

Bread – Besan Ki Poori
Dal No Makhni
Rassewale Aloo Tamatar.
Green Chutney
Bread Halwa


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  1. Valli , obviously if you cook so much you will get tiered, and then you post on both the blogs , thankfully Konda is around to click .
    The besan ki poori with so many accompaniments sounds fantastic !

  2. That’s a cooking marathon Valli! Initially I planned for that, but instead ended up cooking smaller quantity thalis for lunch and dinner. I made chapati dough in bulk so that’s what helped with all the parathas. Poori for breakfast is an absolute yes at my place and that platter would get finished in a minute!

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