Blogging Marathon 100th Edition Celebrations ~ Day 3


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After three hectic days of activities, we still have so much planned for the fourth day. Since it was again pretty late by the time we slept after the games that Preeti conducted, we again sat up talking. The games were hilarious, with some activity that each of us tried our best to win.

We slept very late and then remembered that Sandhya was leaving early morning. So we went to sleep only to get an hour of sleep. We woke up for a teary farewell. Then the Bread Baking group being busy with their prep work.

Bread Baking group had Varada leading the group with few other bakers in our group. They had planned for a sourdough bread, stuffed bread, and pavs. I couldn’t wait until evening to feast on those! After a while, I saw some enthu friends doing their yogas and exercises. I was busy with my work of updating the sheets with expense notes and other planning on how to arrange the departure on Sunday. I mostly rely on my phone sheets, this time after a long time for a change, I wrote down in a paper. Nothing excites me more than planning and preparing than the actual thing. Same goes to accounts planning as well. So I got my fill of joy in these things.


Today’s colour code was blue and we all got ready to leave for Mint Leaf. Rama Akka had invited us for breakfast at her restaurant and we couldn’t say no. The restaurant was a beautiful place and the food was lip smacking. We literally had a feast with so many tiffin varieties and nobody could even taste all the dishes. We spent our time together without usual laughing and chatting and clicking of course! We went to a kitchen tour and then the bakery tour. After thanking Rama Akka for her kindness, we left for a tour around Tank Bund Road.Mint Leaf

Necklace Road

En route, we stopped at a couple of places to click group pictures. Vaishali made us pose in so many angles, that bystanders were really amused. Our friends had some naughty poses. After that, we landed at Charminar.Charminar 1

Its a long walk to the main place and it was really so crowded and so very hot. As soon as we got into the lane, some of our friends wanted to buy pearls and we got into the first shop we encountered. They shopped for a long while, as I was waiting for them. After they finally closed their shopping, we came out to see hot mini samosas being sold! We had our full and decided to take a walk around the place.

The climate became hot all of a sudden and we couldn’t manage at all. Some of our friends had the energy to shop around to check out bangles and other stuff, while some of us just wanted to call it a day! Our plan was to do a food walk. However, given how hot it became, we had no push to do it!


We decided we would stop at Nimrah Cakes and Bakery to try their biscuits. When knowing that we were food bloggers, the salesperson gave us a tray full of biscuits to try. We then ordered chai and puffs. Our friends loved the biscuits and bought boxes to carry back. On my account, I was just too exhausted to even think further! It was a hectic and tiring journey back to the villa.Nimrah Bakery


Eating Samosa

Blue Day

Walk around Charminar

However, after freshening up, we were ready for the bread to be served. Our friends had made some delicious bread and Vaishali made the bhaji for the pav. It was a delicious dinner with all the bread on the plate! I was busy packing all the snacks for the whole group. Usha had bought us load full of snacks and it was really a huge task making individual packets for each to carry back home.

Even though we were so tired and ready to hit the bed, none of us wanted to, and spent some more time playing games. Preeti had arranged Food Antakshari and it was so much fun! Knowing we will be leaving the next day, all of us were reluctant to sleep.


Day 5

I must have hardly got a few hours of sleep and woke up restless. We got busy planning how each of us will leave for the airport. The agenda of the day was to vacate by 9 am and leave for breakfast at Minerva. Then leave for Usha’s co-sis house, who had invited us for lunch. Our luggage was brimming out of scope and I had to leave behind some things.

We all left for the hotel and after the long winding route, we realized that the hotel was just around the corner, for which we had to make a huge turnaround. We had a fun time ordering all the different breakfast items on the menu. We left after being so full!

Minarva Hotel

Before leaving, I went around the villa clicking pictures of the place. I found these beautiful cartoon sketches on the walls opposite the villa.Around the Villa Beige Gray Day

Last day picture clicked in gray and beige colour code.

Veena and Priya Sri left for their friends and relatives place. While we left for Shalaja Ji’s house. I completely forgot to mention that she had joined us for North Indian Thali and it was great meeting her. She had come to invite us to lunch. We were reluctant to accept as it was a huge crowd. She put at ease and insisted we have lunch at her home.

After a long journey, we finally reached her home. The residence was closer to the airport and we all reached by 11 am. Her house was so beautiful all in white and we were roaming around, clicking pictures. We went out and clicked some pictures of her garden as well. She had cooked us a huge spread from Telanga cuisine. We were so full just looking at the spread!

I had just a serving of all dishes and still couldn’t cover all of the dishes. For desserts, we had the Hyderabad popular Qubani Ka Meetha. It was my first time tasting the dish and it was mind blowing! We had the most hilarious events happening after we relaxed to chat. Our Hyd booking experience regarding Priya Su’s real name and the events that ensued kept everybody rolling over the floor literally! We will surely miss Priya from Paris!

Shalajajai's house

Lunch at Shalaji's

We were reluctant to break, but after getting a call from Priya Sri that she has reached the airport, we had to leave. So I left along with Priya Su, Gayathri, and Preeti. It started raining on the way. We somehow reached. The way to the airport is almost like a long journey on its own.

We met Veen in the Airport, she had booked at different timing. After checking in and saying bye to Veena and Gayathri, we boarded the flight. I met Priya Sri and her boys. We reached at 8.30 pm. Priya Su was staying the night at our place and we were talking nonstop on the way until she went to bed.

Return Journey

Amara had packed chicken biryani for my kids, that they totally enjoyed! I feel bad that I didn’t get around clicking pictures of the gifts that I was given.

It took me a week to get proper rest. After 5 long days of no sleep, all of us were so tired, still, we were talking, chatting for so many days nonstop. We were planning to post during July last week, but nobody was prepared.

Work has been so hectic that I haven’t shown my trip pictures with my family yet. Though that hasn’t stopped me from talking nonstop. We even decided where we would meet for the next meet.

Until then, we will have these posts to read back and enjoy! I know three days were not enough to share our five long days of events. Hope I have justified in writing down all!

I hope my friends enjoyed their tour as much as I have.

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  1. itโ€™s really wonderful to relive all these moments , sometimes we wish time should just stop ! These five days were so beautiful that they make for 2 long years . Time flies and we shall be enjoying the next meet BM 125 ! Looking forward to it already !
    I am sure everyone had great fun , and the hangover will last quite sometime .
    Thanks Valli , wonder what we would do without this BM Family !

  2. Lovely recap Valli. I seem to have missed out on so many interesting things in this trip. Hopefully I will be able to plan better the next time ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. It was so nice reading all three days and very well planned and executed Valli. Kudos to you. Interested to know where is going to be next BM meet?

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