“Around the world in 30 days” Int’l ABC Cooking ~ A Recap

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Around the world in 30 days was based on International ABC Cooking. The month simply went by and we had a wonderful cooking checking out the others who joined for this Edition.

This is the recap of the series. Hope you enjoy!

Tortas Fritas | Fried Bread ~ A for Argentina

Brigadeiro | How to make Brazilian Chocolate Fudge Truffles ~ B for Brazil

Talétalé ou beignets banane | Banana Fritters ~ C for Côte d’Ivoire

Æblekage | How to make Danish Apple Cake ~ D for Denmark

Mango Fruit Fool | English Fruit Fool Recipe ~ E for England

Socca | How to make Socca – Chickpea Crepes ~ F for France

West African Hot Chocolate ~ G for Ghana

Haitian Banan Peze | How to make Banan Peze ~ H for Haiti

Indonesian Nasi Goreng | How to make Indonesian Fried Rice ~ I for Indonesia

Manaqish | Jordanian Zaatar Flatbread ~ J for Jordan

Khabees Al Nikhi ~ K for Kuwait

Awamat | Lebanese Donuts ~ L for Lebanon

Moh Let Saung | Burmese Coconut Milk with Sago ~ M for Myanmar

Norwegian Potato Lefse ~ N for Norway

Halawet Ahmad | How to make Omani Noodle Dessert ~ O for Oman

Persian Halvah ~ P for Persia

Qatar Algeemaat | Qatari Sticky Custard Balls ~ Q for Qatar

Russian Oladi | Russian Buttermilk Pancakes ~ R for Russia

Chocolate Caliente | Spanish Hot Chocolate ~ S for Spain

Semolina Halva ~ T for Turkey

Shakarli Bodom | Sugar-Coated Almonds ~ U for Uzbekistan

Cafe Sua Da – Vietnamese Iced Coffee ~ V for Vietnam

Maamoul | Stuffed Date Maamoul ~ W for West Bank

Jamoncillo de Leche | Mexican Fudge ~ X for Xalapa

Malawah | Yemeni Skillet Bread ~ Y for Yemen

Zambian Chapati | Zambian Meal ~ Z for Zambia

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