Bhujia Paratha Menu

Bhujia Paratha Menu

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Bhujia Paratha Menu features the innovative paratha made with bhujias mixed with spices and stuffed into a paratha. You can serve these parathas with different archars to make a sinful meal anytime.

I remember reading about these parathas long ago. So finally, when I shortlisted this time, I searched and end up with different websites including Tarla Dalal’s site with this recipe. The ingredients are very simple. You simply mix in crispy bhujias with spices and stuffed into a paratha. Certainly, I don’t think you have any recorded history of these parathas because this seems like a fun idea of some cook. Furthermore, kids love these and would make a wonderful evening snack.

First of all, as I had said my flatbreads for this week were planned to start with B and though I had wanted all pooris to be done, I finally ran out of ideas and had to make these as these parathas have been on my to do list for a while.

In the Indian Flatbread theme, I wanted to try my hand at making traditionally popular ones and some innovative ones. While I have all the traditional ones in C4AS, seems like I ended up with some innovative bread starting with B dishes.

These are innovative and creative parathas and you can just about serve any side dish with these. First of all, I had another paratha on the menu, hence decided to make these together. I decided on making some pickles to serve and we totally enjoyed these pickles as well.

Finally, on the platter today for the Bhujia Paratha Menu, I served Bhujia Paratha along with Aam ka Achar, Green Chilli Pickle, and Masala Raita along with Sooji Halwa.

Celebrating the Blog Anniversary!

On a different note, I normally host the Kids Delight monthly event and this month it will be Anniversary month. I post the first one many years ago on Aug 31st. Spice your Life completes 12 years this year! Both my sites have been a major part of our life for all these years!

This year the entries for Kids delight has been very less. The participants have ended up being only BM members. I am yet to announce the post, I think I will do it in Oct.

Bhujia Paratha Menu

Bhujia Paratha Menu

Bhujia Paratha
Aam ka Achar
Hari Mirch ka Achar
Masala Raita
Sooji Halwa


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  1. Valli i am drooling over this thali ! Pickles and sev bhujia paratha ! Spicy food ! Simply my kind .
    I have tried the sev paratha and itโ€™s really delicious , serving it with pickles will make the meal absolutely amazing !
    Its midnight and suddenly I am hungry ๐Ÿ˜‹

  2. Congratulations and wish your blog many more milestones. These parathas sure sound fun. This thaali sure must have been an easy one considering that you had to make only pickles and not any other side dishes.

  3. Congratulations on your blog completing 12 years, long way and wish you have many more anniversaries. The paratha menu looks awesome

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