Homemade Mumbai Style Sandwich Masala

Sandwich Masala

This sandwich masala is a special spice powder used to sprinkle over Mumbai Special Sandwiches. This spice powder gives it a special kick that takes the taste to a whole new level. I have read enough about the popular sandwiches that are sold in the Mumbai roadside and this masala powder seems to be the […]

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Goan Xacuti Curry Powder

Xacuti Curry Powder

Xacuti Masala Powder is a hot and spicy curry powder from Goa. This popular curry powder is the basic powder used in many nonveg preparations. I adapted this curry powder from this site and used only half the measurement given. I converted to cups and spoons so that it was easy for me to half […]

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How to make Soft Homemade Chhana for Bengali Sweets

How to make Chhana

When I started planning for my Bengali Sweet Series, I know I had to start with the basics. While we have been making Paneer at home for many years now, we have only done, having savory dishes in mind. After making Paneer or Chhana as it is called in Bengali, we let it dry and […]

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How to Blanch and Freeze Fresh Green Peas

Learn how to Blanch and Freeze Fresh Green Peas. I know I am supposed to post a recipe. I am so short of time and wanted to share something that’s done during this season. One of the traditional stuff we always do this season is freezing a huge bag of Fresh Peas, and anything else […]

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Pakistani Garam Masala

For the final day under Condiments for BM#56, Buffet on Table, I have an aromatic Garam Masala from our neighboring country, Pakistan. This was one of the smartest moves I must have made for this BM. I just about went on clicking pictures of everything I cooked and while in the process it struck me […]

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Arabic Spice Blend | Arabic Garam Masala

For the fifth day under Condiments, I have a garam masala from the Arabian cuisine. To be very very frank, I am not sure what this Whole spice mix called as. When our family friend who lives in Dubai, visited us, she got us two packets of this whole spice masala packet that she said […]

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How to Sprout Moth Beans | Matki Sprouts for Misal Pav

When I decided to make Misal Pav, which called for Moth Beans, I was wondering if I could use Moong Sprouts. Pradnya told me that Moong sprouts won’t hold its shape and I could think of using mixed sprouts. We do get Moth Beans or Matki here, however since I do not use it much, […]

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Chocolate Sauce for Cake Frosting

When I recently made the Bottle gourd Chocolate Cake, I used a new sauce. So thought of recording it separately as it surely deserves a post of its own. The Chocolate sauce turned out to be more of a halwa on it’s own as I was using Maida. I even made it rich by adding […]

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How to make Bengali Garam Masala and Bhaja Masala

When I started my cooking for BM#39, I started with Bengali dishes. Somehow I have such fondness and enjoy Bengali cuisine. Though I confess I do make it much more spicier than it might be. I don’t know. However I enjoy making it. When it was Dhokar Dalna or the many previous bengali dishes that […]

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