Corn Cheese Croquettes | Cheese stuffed Corn Croquette

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Croquettes have been on my list since the time I did ABC Cooking. It was one of my alternatives to be done. Later I moved it to my pending list. Croquettes are nothing but the same aloo tikkis taking a different form if you talk about vegetarian stuff. Like I recently read a joke that said Pizza is our paratha returning with a foreign degree. That had me cracking for a long time. And when I thought of these, yes I was reminded of the same.
Though my first two Corn dishes were ready, I was breaking my head on what to do for the third day. As I said corns are regular at home and I remember asking Amma to have some boiled for the evening. I suddenly remembered that and asked if she boiled. She said not only did she boil them, they were not enough for all. So it was only natural that nothing got left out for me to cook something. 

I ended up chopping off some of the kernels and deciding to do these croquettes. It’s a recipe made as I went. I was also baking a cake as I was doing. So you can imagine the commotion the kitchen had as the cake was getting baked. Konda was most delighted to see these tikkis and we even had a crackling experience with the cheese oozing out all of a sudden. You can check out the pictures in the end when Konda caught them in action. 
Only after frying I realized I should have simply cut into small pieces instead of grating. I was also thinking I should have frozen before frying. Maybe next time I will do that. For now you can enjoy this simple yet sinful treat!


Corn Cheese Croquettes

Ingredients Needed:

Sweet Corn Kernels – 3/4 cup
Potato – 2 medium
Cheese – 1/2 cup
Corn Flour -1  tsp
Red Chili flakes – 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Green Chilies – 1 long

Oil for deep frying

How to make the croquettes

Wash, mark and MW the potatoes for 6 – 7 mins. Soak in water and peel the skin. Mash with a fork to make a smooth paste.

Remove the kernels and MW for 10 mins to cook. Drain the water and keep it aside.

In a bowl, take the mashed potatoes, corn flour, corns, chili flakes, salt and mix well.

Grate the cheese and once you divide the balls, stuff with cheese and close well.

Heat a deep pan with oil and gently drop in the croquettes and cook on all sides.

Drain on a kitchen towel and serve with sauce.

The croquettes once they are shaped can be frozen and used. That way you won’t fear the tikkis disintegrating. 
You can crush the corn kernels if you don’t like them whole. I personally felt these taste great as such.
The cheese can be cut into pieces and stuffed in, instead of being grated. I realized after cooking. Also freezing the tikkis will prevent the cheese melting right away.
As the potatoes were dry, I didn’t feel the need to coat it with bread crumbs or corn flour.
Mireille reminded us on time about her Taste of the Tropics, this month featuring Corns. So sending this across to her.

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Corn Cheese Croquettes | Cheese stuffed Corn Croquette

Author Srivalli
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  1. Srivalli – I made these today along with your eggless sponge cake for tea time. They were both very tasty.

    For the croquettes, I added some garam masala in the mixture and skipped the chilli flakes on some of the mixture. It came out well too.

    Thank you for the recipe.

  2. Made this recipe exactly as written except I didn't deep fat fry (because we try to avoid fattening methods). Instead, I sprayed the pan and the croquettes with olive oil and baked in oven at 400 degrees until golden brown. Yum! Different probably from a crunch texture from frying but pretty close and family loved them.

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