Punjabi Thali Menu

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Punjabi cuisine is one of my favorite cuisines when it comes to Indian Cuisines. I think it’s the favorite for many, so that so that when Indian food is represented globally, you will mostly find Punjabi dishes getting the center spot.

After popular demands to have Thali themes, I decided it will be best to repeat and so for this month’s BM#74 Edition. We have seen others dishing out elaborate thalis.

I decided to make a simple Punjabi Thali, keeping in mind that I started planning for this very late and weekends are the only days I can cook such elaborate meals. I have a North Indian Thali already, which combined a couple of dishes from neighboring states and I wasn’t sure which belonged to which state.

Generally speaking, our cooking has become so global. We no longer stick to one particular cuisine in our everyday cooking. I mostly keep including dishes from different states and many times it might get morphed to your specific cooking style. I have previously cooked up couple of North Indian Thalis, 

Punjabi Thali Menu

Today’s thali has a special focus on Punjabi Thali and I have tried to keep the recipes true to the way they cook.

The menu was as below. I was planning on two dry subjis, but cooked only one.

Boondi Raitha
Fresh Salad
Aloo Bhindi Subzi
Matar Paneer Masala
Paneer Butter Masala
Dal Fry
Jeera Rice
Kasuri Methi Ajwain Phulkas
Plain Phulkas
Carrot Seviyan Halwa

Fresh Salad

Paneer Butter Masala


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  1. Its almost lunch time now and your thali has made me crave for all that there is on the platter. Can finish up all of it in a jiffy ! Delicious thali spread !!

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