Surati Street Food

Surati Street Food

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Surati Street Food showcases some of the best street food the city has to offer. Surat a city in Gujarat is very popular for some of the dishes that are now world famous like the Undhiyu, Nankhatai, and Khaman.

I took this opportunity to explore the city and the dishes popular across this place. While I have eaten Undhiyu during my visit to Ahbadmad, I haven’t been able to make it myself as I can’t imagine getting all the ingredients in my place. It is a winter special and people get to enjoy it in different ways.

Khaman of course I have made it a couple of times and enjoyed it. I didn’t know about Nankhatai being originated from this place, though some videos claim so. During my search on the popular street food from this place, I came across a list that talks about the top 12 items that are very popular in this city.

Some of the popular Surati dishes for different courses:

For Breakfast, they have Locho, Aloo Puri, Khausa (Surti word of Burmese food- Khao Suey for breakfast)
For Snack, they have Nankhatai, Collegian, Ponk Vada
Some Salty snacks like Idada and Khaja
As main course dishes like Undhiyu and Ubadiyu
Some sweet like Ghari and very delicious Cold coco for dessert

Seeing such a list, I wanted to make sure I try some of the dishes for the different courses.

Finally, apart from the above, I saw videos featuring Surati Paratha served as a  sunflower. I first read about it when Vaishali had made it. I later looked on different videos that had this making. Planning for a big list is fun, yet making all that surely ends up hectic. I had a couple of more dishes in mind, though as with rest, I ended up making about five of these.

My Surati Paratha didn’t turn out as I expected. Hopefully, I get to make it again for better pictures. I managed to make Randeri aloo puri, Surati Paratha, Collegian, Tameta Na Bhajiya, and the most popular of all seems to be the Surti Cold Coco Milk Shake. I knew my kids will love this and yes, they want this to be surely repeated.

Actually other than the Tameta Na Bhajiya everything was excellent. Tameta Na Bhajiya, a deep fried fresh tomato slices in a besan batter will surely take time to get a liking to it.

Randeri aloo puri is the featured dish in the Surati Street food.

Surati Street Food

Surati Street Food

Surati Paratha
Randeri Aloo Puri
Surat Tameta Na Bhajiya
Collegian Bhel
Surti Cold Coco Milk Shake

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  1. Seems like you have researched well the city’s street food and your menu shows it. I was wondering what collegian was until I read it as bhel in your menu. Everything on the menu sounds yummy as street food should be and that milkshake sounds cool too. The sunflower shaped, cheese loaded Surati paratha sure is the highlight..

  2. Surat street food is very very popular with Gujrati’s , I know of friends who drive to Surat all the way from Ahemedabad just to enjoy the street food . A good 6 hours drive – unfortunately I haven’t ever done that !

    The Surati Paratha is a treat by itself , Aaloo Poori is in my to do list , and we all loved Tomato Bhajiya , the chutney used for these is the highlight – to give it that taste .

    Super Surati food !

  3. I have made a cheat version of undhiyo a few times, but not anything else. Your post has made me curious about all the recipes. Bookmarking this Valli

  4. Your research about the local food is awesome and kudos for sharing all the details. Will be coming back to this post soon.

  5. My bhabhi is from Surat, and she made this tomato bhajiya once, we were like a bhajiya from tomato. Surat has a lot of different street foods and the names are so different, you would need to sometimes ask them what is it. Liked your unique dishes in this street food.

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