Diet Program ~ Day 7 & Day 8!

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With all the calories that went in during the day off, I might as well start all over again! What can I expect to follow when I had scheduled the Kachori making on this day? For all the will power one might profess, I am sure he/she can’t ignore a tempting, pretty puffed up kachori can pose, right.

But I am really really happy that I ate just two. That I tell is you, takes lot of will power!..:)

And no yielding to temptations, I packed off most to parents home. I was elated that they loved it. Yes the pleasure knowing that I could please my parents with a Kachori, was more than what stuffing all that myself can do. With Konda saying she expects me to make this everyday, I saved whatever was left for her snacks.

The day was too hectic, and with the eating that happened, I skipped the dinner with what? Not sure.

Anyway I couldn’t post on the day, so here’s an account of what I followed on Monday

7. 30 am – Coffee with biscuits
9.30 am – 1 slice of bread
10.30 am – 3 slices of pineapple with 1 bowl of Pomagrante.
11.30 am – Buttermilk
12.30 pm –  1 carrot
12.45 pm – 2 pulkas, Sorrel leaves with Black Eyed peas dal, Bitter gourd in curds stir fry Buttermilk.
3.35 pm – 1/2 cucumber
5.30 pm  1 small orange
8.30 pm 1 parotta with Paneer Butter Masala.

I convinced myself that I need the protein!

No Lemon juice and soup today.


My Tuesday Schedule was this

7. 30 am – Coffee with biscuits
10.30 am – 3 bread slices with Veg Soup.
11.30 am – Buttermilk
12.30 pm –  1 cucumber
2.15 pm – 3 pulkas, Paneer Butter Masala.
3.35 pm – 1 bowl Watermelon
5.00 pm  1 small serving of peanuts
5.45 pm 1 small orange
 8.45 pm 2 bread slices bread with subzi.

No deviation today and that feels good.
No Lemon juice and today.

Looking forward to a week of good behavior!

I am so glad that Jayasree joined this diet. Hope she can continue, would like to know how others kept at it!

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  1. EVERYBODY, specially vegetarians need more protein everyday, so don't feel guilty. Just 2 Kachoris, that's good. I wouldn't be able to stop, that's why I don't fry these days! ;D

    Back to 3 Phulkas and 3 bread slices!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! HeHe!!

  2. Your diet menu looks good to me too. I am sure you can keep it up.Take one day at a time. Weight will come out very easily.

  3. Gayathri, thank you for the award, will check it out.

    Asha said… hehheeh..will get it down to 2 ok..:)…yeah yeah I know proteins are a must..did you see my kachori post?…I really loved those kachoris..

    Radha, thank you for the encouragement..:)

  4. Hi Srivalli,

    I wanted to join the ICC…i had left a comment and my e-mail id last mth as well as this time………..As i m unable to see my comment,wanted to reconfirm whether my comment has reached you

  5. Hi there dears! i see ya'll doing pretty good with the diet Srivalli!
    Thanks Sri for dropping by – its my mallu random thoughts, memories n ocassionally recipes blog..not updated frequently also.
    Past 2 days its been hectic with hubby and myself feeling unwell and the diet was compromised…had oatmeal for BF one day and the next day had idli, dosa :(, then again lunch was rice & veggies 2 days, then dinner was again a little bit of rice…in between didnt have time to eat anything else…lets see if i can get back to diet today atleast..God willing..:)

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