A Gift to a child!

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Some aeons ago, I remember somebody asking me if I ever wanted to relive some period of my life. I remember telling that I wasn’t so old yet and I was happy with things as such. But then maybe not. Maybe I might answer differently this time. Maybe I would say wish I can rewrite the history of my most critical period in life. Maybe as most everybody, my answer might sound like I wanted to relive my childhood. Of course not!

Who would want to relive that period again, fearing which teacher is going to give a surprise test that I wasn’t prepared. I am kidding of course. But then I think everybody feels they could have done better! I had the best childhood one can ask for. With the best parents one can ever wish for. I always say one can’t comment or compare on this aspect. But I have seen what my friends have gone through. Though they were well taken care of, with all luxuries and the usual things a kid can expect, I always felt I had better examples of how one should lead, with special focus on what is good and what is bad, explained by being a role model.

What I would’ve wished for, is another chance to have been a better child. I had all my vices, yet I was ok to handle I think. But I knew I could have done better. Being a parent now, I can understand what a parent would wish for their child to be. To benefit the best of what was offered. But does the child really understand. I know it is very wrong to expect a child who is 10 years old to understand this. But maybe as they grow older, they must be expected to understand this.

Finally when I thought about this, I really wished every child be given an insight to understand what a parent wants! It is not what the parent want the child to become or achieve in their life. It is the wish of the parent to make the child understand and accept what they want to become and achieve in life. More than any wealth or material gains, the wish is to make the child better equipped to handle life in balance. To make the best of what they have to offer the child, with hard toil and full of expectations!

As a parent now, I know the sacrifice, the hardship a parent takes. A child need not feel indebted for it, but rather should benefit!

That would be a real gift to our child, one who can understand how to enjoy the time that is always flying away!

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  1. To let the child be who he or she is and just be a better person ourselves is the most important thing. There is this phrase on a tee with me.."if I were to live again, I will only do the things I did, better and quicker" true isn't it?

  2. Very true Valli. Advices offered when we were little felt like such a pain to follow through but now I realize it was after all for our own good. There are so many instances, from trivial issues like taking care of my hair (my grandmother used to put so much effort on that) to bigger things like manners, discipline. I wish I had this awareness then!

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