How to make Gulab Jamun | Easy Gulab Jamun Recipe

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Learn to make the most easiest and softest Gulab Jamuns!  For the second day of Indian Desserts, I decided on Gulab Jamun. I had originally wanted to bake these because I wanted to club this theme along with Bakeathon. However I didn’t find enough Indian dishes that were baked that will suit both events. I had to settle for just this and do some other theme.
Gulab Jamuns are my favorite sweets that I had always enjoyed at home. Amma makes it a point to make Gulab Jamun for all birthdays and Deepavalis. This is a mandatory dish on the menu. Nothing matched the taste that comes from homemade version, even though it was made from a ready made powder. Later for Indian Cooking Challenge, I had made the Gulab Jamun from scratch at home and everybody enjoyed it. I even made a Chocolate Gulab Jamun. Somehow I never got back to making it again at home.
When I was looking for recipes made with Milk powder, I came across this recipe that uses Milk powder and plus it was baked. I was all for making it right away. I had made this during the weekend lunch. Though the time taken to make this would have been just under 30 minutes, I ended up using more than couple of hours as I was making whole lot of other dishes. I was so worried that the Gulab Jamuns might not turn out good as it was over resting.
I was in for a surprise as the jamuns turned out to be the softest ones I have ever tasted. It was so delicious and smooth that Peddu, who never eats sweets, gulped couple of them one after the other. Everybody loved it, I even got it for my colleagues who all wanted to try it at home. This is one great recipe that you can do it so quickly.
As per the clauses, I was supposed to pair it with Ice cream, in my shock and need to click it quickly so that I can sit and enjoy, I completely forgot about the ice cream that was lying around! Yes I had it served both as hot and chilled. Both the forms were so silky smooth and soft!

Milk Powder Gulab Jamun
Makes about 24 small sized gulab jamuns
Ingredients Needed:
For sugar syrup
Sugar – 2 cups
Water – 2 & 1/2 cups
Cardamom – 3 – 4 
Rose essence – few drops (opt)
Saffron threads – few strands
For the jamuns
Unsweetened Milk Powder – 1 cup
Unsalted Butter, soft – 1 tbsp
Baking soda – 1/4 tsp  
All purpose flour – 3 tbsp
Salt a pinch
Vinegar – 1/2 tsp
Milk – 1/3 cup 
How to make the Gulab Jamuns with Milk Powder
For the Sugar Syrup
In a saucepan, take the sugar, add water and bring to boil. When the sugar gets completely dissolved, boil for 5 more minutes and switch off. Add slitted cardamon, rose essence, cover with lid. Set the syrup aside.
For the Jamuns
In a mixing bowl, add milk powder, baking soda, flour and salt. Mix well.
Then add butter and vinegar. Add milk a little at a time and mix till it forms dough. You may not need all of the milk. Or require more.
When a soft, sticky dough forms, stop adding milk. Cover and let the dough stand for about 20 minutes.
After resting, the dough will be less sticky, airy and a little firmer. If its too lose, sprinkle a little flour. If its too dry, add a little milk. Mine was very dry, so added little more milk and kneaded again. Knead for couple of times. 
Dip your fingers in ghee, divide the dough into 24 even pieces and roll them into balls. Dip your fingers if they become sticky.
Heat enough oil for deep frying. Make sure the flame is always medium low heat. Test if the oil is in the right temperature. Drop a small ball and see if it slowly rises to the top. If it sits in the bottom, heat the oil more. If it quickly comes up, oil is very hot, so reduce and let it cool down.
Fry in batches and don’t crowd the saucepan. 
The Jamuns should be browned evenly on all sides. For this you need to keep stirring slowly, making sure you don’t break the jamuns.
When they turn brown, remove from oil using a slotted spoon and drop into the sugar syrup. 
Serve hot or chilled.
I only added 3 tbsp, and got jamuns that were very soft and spongy. However after soaking some balls got flatten. Next time I might add more flour and experiment.
These Jamuns can also be baked. The balls alone can be baked at 150C for 7 – 8 mins.

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How to make Gulab Jamun | Easy Gulab Jamun Recipe

Occasion Deepavali
Author Srivalli
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  1. I love gulab jamuns . Yours looks tempting and I would love to try them with ice cream . As I was going through your post I found that I mistakenly forgot about the clause and made ladoos and barfis. Sorry !

  2. My EO is very fond of gulab Jamoon and somehow when I made it last turned out not so good. Will try these home made version soon.. Yes, the soaking is the key !

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