How to make Homemade Instant Pizza For Kids Step By Step Recipe | Instant Paneer Cheese Pizza | Cooking with Kids

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There are moments when you really got to think on your feet. It was one of those moments. Seriously there I was thinking that I should be the indulgent aunt and make whatever my nephew and niece were asking me to prepare for them. On top I had to manage few other things. 
So I had to resort to those instant kids with the ready made pizza base that we get. Last year when the same situation came up, I used the ready made base but made the pizza sauce myself. But it was even more hectic this time round. My young relatives visited us last week and I told my nephew upfront that he can ask me for whatever dish he wanted to eat. So apart from the regular Paneer Butter Masala, Parotta etc, these pizzas, burger feature constantly. 
When he asked me this time, I was really tied up and hence wanted to make use of those ready made base plus I remember seeing those pizza sauce and wanted to see if those taste as good as they look. When I reached home quite late, kids were still waiting eagerly for their dose of pizzas and I couldn’t say no. Infact I decided I will let them do all the work. 
This proved a great fun time for them as they did all the work by themselves. Even my 4 year old twins did their share of spreading the cheese. Konda and my nephew grated the cheese, then Konda sauteed the Paneer pieces. Finally they spread the sauce, while each took turns to spread the grated cheese.
While this may not really be as tasty as I remember my homemade crust and sauce does, it surely tasted yummy. And yes when the kids get to do the work themselves, they end up enjoying it much better.
I don’t remember how many we made, since cooking the pizza takes just a minute in microwave. It was disappearing as quickly as it was made. I got many super! shouts from my young audience, which is what gets it all going.
There really is no recipe for this, just a pictorial for you to enjoy!

Get the grating of the cheese done, I used Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese.

These are the mini ready made pizza bases

Apply the pizza sauce as much as you want, well about a spoon should do.

 Here comes the fun part, spread as much cheese as you like!

Work begins

There is nothing like having an extra kick with toppings likes spiced paneer. I just sauteed with salt and pepper a bit. If you are making for yourself you can be more creative too.

Once you are done with topping the base with everything you want, pop it into microwave for a minute and you are done!
Cheesy instant Pizza comes to your salvation- Instant Nirvana! Pure bliss!

How to make Homemade Instant Pizza For Kids Step By Step Recipe | Instant Paneer Cheese Pizza | Cooking with Kids

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  1. Pizza making is definitely a perfect dish to get the kids excited and involved. Mini Paneer pizzas look yumm.. Nice to know that mozzarella and cheddar are now available in India, 3 years ago it was still processed Amul cheese.

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