Idlis with Wheat Rava / Bansi Rava Idli ~ Diabetes Diet Food!

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The last couple of days, my internet seem to be playing on me. I wanted to post on Konda’s Menu everyday so that I stay focused. But rather I was unable to keep to my own schedule. It was fine that the items listed for Wednesday and Thursday were not new ones. Still I took pictures of them in the last moment, you can guess that from the picture.

Konda has been very happy with her lunch, so that is one very very good thing to happen. I can now get to make her eat better because she choice herself.

I made Parotta with Paneer Butter Masala for Wednesday. It was such a great idea as we all ended up taking for lunch. So it was a better plan. I even sent it for the boys, who were happy knowing it.

Thursdays was a relative easy one, Curd Rice with Pickle.

From next week onwards, I am planning to include new dishes that I can make and introduce to the kids. Hopefully I get to write down the list soon.

Coming to today’s post, this is a healthy version of Idlis suited for the Diabetes Diet. Without Rice, this makes the idlis so healthy and ideal.

This is normally prepared when I am making the regular idlis with Rice. That way I can save some Urad dal batter for mixing this batter. During our recent visit to my sister in-law, Athamma had got a packet of Bansi rava, Rice rava along with few other things. So whenever regular idli is on menu, she also soaks the bansi rava for herself.

This gets done quickly provided you have the Urad Dal batter ready. Else you might have to plan to grind it a day ahead and store it in fridge.


Idlis with Wheat Rava / Bansi Rava Idli ~ Diabetic Diet Food

Soaking time for the Bansi Rava – 1 hr
Preparation Time – 10 – 15 mins
Soaking & Resting time for Urad Dal batter – 4 soaking time + overnight or 6 hrs fermenting time (this is usually done with regular idli making)
Makes about – 4 Idlis

Ingredients Needed:

Bansi Rava – 1 small cup measuring about 25 – 30 gms (it was actually a ladle that would fit this measurement)
Ground Urad Dal batter – 1 ladleful
Salt to taste
Oil to grease the idli plates.

Method to prepare:

Wash and soak rava for 1 hour. Then drain it completely over a colander. Mix in the ground Urad dal batter along with salt. Allow it to rest for 30 mins or so.

Steam these Idlis as you will steam your regular Idlis. Once done, allow it to stand for 5 mins, before removing from the plate.

Serve hot with chutney of choice.


  • We normally save some amount of Urad Dal batter for making other Idlis as Athamma prefers not to eat Rice Idlis.
  • Wheat Rava does not require fermenting for long time. You only have to plan to soak the Urad dal.
  • At times we don’t even let the Urad dal batter ferment but refrigerate for long shelf life.

Idlis with Wheat Rava / Bansi Rava Idli ~ Diabetes Diet Food!

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  1. Hey, I didn't know rava idlis could be done this way! Mostly I see the "quick" way by using baking soda or Eno. Nice to know how! I'll remember that it only needs to sit 30 minutes after adding.

    Curd-rice and pickle looks great. 🙂

  2. I follow Viji akka's (VCuisine)
    recipe to make wheat rava idlis. She has suggested using urad dal flour and I use that when I forget to soak urad dal. It works good too.

    And your idly recipe is simple to follow.

  3. Asha, Tine, Ash, Jayasree, Lataji, Deepa, thank you very much!..:))

    Rujuta, thanks for the compliment, glad you dropped in..

    Pel, This is much quick and sure hit as the other rava idli with bombay rava is quite tricky. At times you may need to add cooking soda and not baking soda to this..but as such it should come out well…I know you would like the curd rice with pickle..what you see is the avakaya pickle!..

    Jagruti, thanks..Bansi rava is a type of rava that should be available in most shops. Like Bombay rava or Upma rava, this is another type. Actually this is more grainy or thick. will post a picture soon..thanks!

  4. I tried these wheat rava idlis today and they were awesome. I thought they will be a lil bit hard but they were very very soft. I felt they tasted better than the Eno version. Thanks for an awesome recipe.

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