Bajra Methi ki Poori aur Sabji Thali

Bajra Methi ki Poori aur Sabji Thali

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Bajra Methi ki Poori aur Sabji Thali is a platter featuring Bajra Methi Poori served with delicious Dal No Makhni, Rassewale Aloo Tamatar along with Green Chutney. End this meal with a delicious Bread Halwa.

This is a healthier version of the bread served with delicious side dishes like Dal Makhni that is made without butter and a sinful Rassewale Aloo Tamatar. We all love green chutney on the side and of course, no north Indian platter is complete without some fresh salads, so you have some onions and green chilies on the side.

I went with Bajra basically because I always have bajra stocked and with fresh methi available, this was a good option.

Planning this Thali with Gluten-Free Grain flour and Healthy Side dishes

I wanted to go with making parathas with the same dough, however, with the ongoing AtoZ Indian Pooris had a great influence and I just went with the flow. On the side, I have some interesting Dal Makhni made without Butter and some delicious Aloo Rassawale.

Dal Makhni made with a black gram in a creamy milk base. Rassewale Aloo Tamatar is a No Onion No Garlic side dish that pairs so well with so many bread.

We frequently make bread halwa and so it is so easy to pair it up with a meal.

Today’s featured dish is this Bajra Methi ki Poori

Bajra Methi ki Poori aur Sabji Thali

Bajra Methi ki Poori aur Sabji Thali

Bajra Methi Poori
Dal No Makhni
Rassewale Aloo Tamatar.
Green Chutney
Bread Halwa

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  1. I guess you have extra poori recipes to share other than the ones in the ongoing series. 🙂 Initially I thought of doing poori platters as well and had to stop after trying three varieties. These bajra methi pooris must have paired well with those side dishes. Need to try these pooris. I add almost no butter in the dal makhni and need to compare with yours to see if it is a different version.

  2. Bajra methi poori is very interesting, we have bajra mehi na vada which are fried mini pooris and with a good shelf life . These obviously will have to be consumed in two days .
    The combination of sabzi is good , and a black dal with no butter is a recipe for a family like ours 😊

  3. Hi, long time subscriber to your blog. Really enjoy the recipes and BM. Just curious where can i find the recipes used as part of a Thali. For instance in the latest post, I want to know the Rassewale aloo tamatar and green chutney used as part of the Thali spread. Thali

    1. Hello Annu, thank you for dropping by. Glad you are enjoying the recipes. I will be sharing the other recipes soon on the blog. Sharing everything at the same time is hard. Thanks for understanding, will be doing it soon.

  4. I haven’t shown any of your thalis to my family. Because the minute they see pooris, that too so many kinds, they are going to ask me where you live and get themselves invited to your place :-)). Or they will hound me asking me to make all your thalis! It’s all looking very good, I like roti over poori, but even I am loving every single one of your poori thalis.

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