Pizza Bites | Paneer Stuffed Pizza Bites

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For the final day of Pizza snacks, I had planned on making these bites. These are made into individual bites that work out best when you want small servings and yet plan to bake in one go.
These were refrigerated and I wanted to bake it for the kids school snacks, seeing how much they loved carrying it for school. However when I asked Konda if she wants it for dinner or next day school, she opted for dinner and so it was dinner treat for them. Chinnu doesn’t eat all these. So itโ€™s only Konda and Peddu who give me their feedback on such dishes.
I greased butter on top as it was refrigerated and wanted it to have some more fat. As with the rest of the versions, these quickly disappeared. I was so glad to have found some more interesting snacks for my kids. These pizza bites were inspired by this and I used my own vegetarian options for filling.
When I was selecting this theme, I landed with so many options that one could do with a basic pizza dough. The sauces and toppings can be so creative. I will surely be trying out some more and see how my kids like them.
Even after a week, these snacks seem to be on top of my kids memory, and almost every day when I pack their snack box, they eagerly open to check out if I have packed a pizza snack. I know this theme would be a hit with them, though I seem to have underestimated their interest level. This is surely something I will be getting back.
Infact from the long list I had short-listed, it surely looked so appealing to have them all tried. To make up for not having their favourite snack, I tried appealing to their chocoholic nature and this time, Chinnu joined them and welcomed their snack boxes as it had chocolate cake treats. While they continue to enjoy their snack box, you enjoy these virtually.

Pizza Bites

Ingredients Needed:

Pizza Dough same as Pizza Pinwheels
Tomato Sauce
Grated Cheese for topping
Paneer, cubes of 2 inch – 2 cups
Red Chili powder
Sweet and Spicy Tomato sauce
Salt to taste
Olive Oil
Italian Seasoning

How to make the Pizza Bites
Make the pizza dough as shown in Pinwheel pizza
Cube the paneer into big pieces, heat a non stick pan, with oil and toss the paneer with sauce, pepper, salt and Italian seasoning.
Remove and keep it aside.
To make the bites, punch the pizza dough again and dust well. Roll out into a thin sheet, cut small circles of diameter about 3.5 to 4 cms. 
Spread the tomato sauce on each circle, place the curried paneer cube on top, sprinkle with grated cheese, smoked onions etc..
Gather the sheet together, covering the stuffing completely. In a greased baking tray, place the stuffed pizza balls with the mouth facing down.
Repeat with all the circles, and stack one after the other in the baking tray. Once done, let it rise again. This can take about 30 mins in a pre heated oven or about 45 to 1 hour in room temp.
When ready to bake, preheat the oven to 185 C, bake for 15 mins.
Since the stuffing is inside, serve carefully to kids as it tends to be very hot.


This can again be refrigerated and baked when required.

Make sure to keep it out at least 30 mins before baking. Or keep it in a preheated oven for 15 mins.

Brush with butter and bake.

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Pizza Bites | Paneer Stuffed Pizza Bites

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