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  1. Suja Manoj says

    Yummy biryani,makes me hungry

  2. Archana says

    Hehe Glad its not only my hubby who gets amd when he feels I have worked too much. So considerate of them... there are hubbies who do not realise it.
    Lovely thali

  3. Nalini's Kitchen says

    Biriyani sounds inviting without onion and garlic paste,the grains are perfectly cooked....

  4. Pavani says

    Yet another delicious thali -- no garlic & onion at that, can't even tell from the menu..
    I've thoroughly enjoyed the thali series and looking forward to the round up. Even though I couldn't contribute to the mela (you can probably guess why), I'm sure I'll be visiting your blog a number of times to get ideas.. :0)

  5. sowmya's creative saga says

    woow..the thali is so tempting..biryani looks yumm

  6. Rajani says

    No wonder you husband was angry. After a surgery, instead of taking rest you are cooking thalis!! But then its hard not to appreciate the passion and the good food you make :). Wish I could have participated too for the thalis, missed it 🙁

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