Vegetable au Gratin Recipe ~ Microwave Style

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For the second day it was V and I was struggling with my microwave and rice cooker books. I was almost thinking if my theme was really off the shelf! Never imagined it will become a search and struggle for looking out for dishes that might meet such vague clauses and I was really thinking my friends are going to shoot me!
Well I was lucky when I looked at a vegetable au gratin in my microwave book. Au gratin are something that have forever been on my list. Not sure why I have not done these myself. However I so many memories associated with this dish. Somehow this used to feature in many of the fictions I used to read by large. And I always assumed I would be cooking this first when I actually start cooking. Of course that never happen. 
Later many years after this, I once had my colleague, narrate me a dish that she had in a wedding and fell in love with it. She wanted to know what it might be and if I could actually tell her the recipe. The way she was narrating on how it looked, I had no doubt it was au gratin. Ever since than, it struck my memory and it was indeed lovely that I ended up making it at last.
I recently made a huge batch of white sauce, for the pasta and was thinking I could easily make this dish. And how easy it is to make in microwave, can only be seen by actually doing it. 
I must confess, for all the craziness I had in selecting this weird combination, I actually enjoyed reading my books again. It felt wonderful to actually flip through them and plan so much. Of late, it’s become more like I have only referred my bookmarks or clippings, so this was a wonderful exercise in disguise.

Gratin is a popular French food preparation, where the base is again topped with a crust, mostly with breadcrumbs, cheese, egg and butter. Gratin is famous for it’s golden crust on top and is traditionally served in its baking dish.

If you haven’t yet made a gratin, I implore you do, especially in a microwave, if you want a quick deal!

Microwave Vegetable au Gratin Recipe

For the White Sauce, follow this step by step I have already shown. However in microwave, it takes even less time to make white sauce.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, mw for 2 mins with a minute interval. Let it cool down and then pulse it in a mixer to get a smooth flowing sauce. If you want to thin the sauce, simply add more milk and make it thin, as you will be cooking it when making the gratin.

For the Vegetable au gratin

Ingredients Needed:

White Sauce – 4 tbsp
Mixed vegetables – 1 cup (Carrots, Beans and Potato)
Tomato Slices -1 medium
Cheese – 3/4 cup (I used Cheddar, Mozzarella, regular cheese)
Breadcrumbs – 2 slices

How to make the Vegetable au gratin

In a microwave bowl, take the chopped vegetables and mw for 7 mins.

Add the white sauce and MW for 2 mins.

Once done, transfer to a baking tray, spread well, add grated cheese, breadcrumbs and sprinkle another layer of cheese over it.

You can either MW for another 2 mins or bake at 185 C for 5 mins.

Serve hot

The top golden crust will come only if you have a cheese layer on top and only when you cook it under overhead grill or broiler.
However even without the brown crust, the bread crumbs tend to become crispy and has a wonderful taste.

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Vegetable au Gratin Recipe ~ Microwave Style
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Cuisine French
Cuisine French
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  1. Thats an excellent choice for the alphabet V, love gratin very much and its one of the easy dish i do quite often for lunch with varieties of veggies, this way i can feed vegetables to my kids easily.

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