Orange Indian Cheesecake

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For the final day of the third week of BM#41, it was to be the letter O, under Cooking with Alphabets. This was the recipe that really had me in fix, and only after fixing this, did I decide on the other two. Infact I just couldn’t find one starting with O and made in different cooking method. 
When I flipping through the Rice cooker recipe book, somehow my eyes were doing to the Indian Cheesecake. That is one pretty picture and is there in all the editions. I have always only looked at the picture, never went down to read the recipe. For one thing, there is no proper guinea pig for me. 
Somehow I thought I could simply use oranges and make a cheese cake. My luck that there were no oranges in the market. I was able to get mosambi or sweet lime. However since I always refer this as orange as well, I thought I can relax on myself a bit! Strange when I checked what they call Kamala orange, expect in southern parts, I don’t think they refer oranges as kamala. 
Anyway what’s in a name. The taste of this very different dessert, was inviting enough for me. Though trust me I tasted a wee bit, just to confirm it tastes good. I was already running short of time and without proper ingredients and no brainwave happening for a new dish to make itself appear before me, I had no choice but to go with this. 
So I simply went on with my instinct and made the cheesecake. It’s not your typical cheesecake with a crust on the bottom. That’s why this is called Indian and since I used orange, it naturally has to be prefixed with that!
Let me warn you ahead, the water/juice from mosambi will come out, and it does make a great drink after it is baked..:)


Orange Indian Cheesecake

Ingredients Needed:

Curds – 1 cup (whey to be removed)
Condensed Milk – 1/2 cup
Milk – 1/2 cup
Orange/Mosambi – 1 cup

Cooking Method : Electric Rice Cooker

How to make Orange Indian Cheesecake

Hung the curds for an hour or two. Take the thick curds in a bowl, whisk well.

Then add the condensed milk, mix well. Now add the mosambi segments, you can shred them to smaller pieces.

Now start adding the milk and stir well. Transfer to a baking dish and place it over the pan filled with 1/2 cup water.

Switch on the mode to cooking and wait till it turns automatically to warm.


After switching to Cooking mode, it took about 10 – 15 mins for it to get set. Since the cheesecake had orange juice, it wasn’t getting turned to warm.

If you want to eat hot, you will find the juice coming out.

I loved the dish, while hubby dear didn’t like it much, as he is not somebody who likes curd based this jelly like dessert.

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Orange Indian Cheesecake

Author Srivalli
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  1. Hats off to your creativity…we'll I would never dream of cooking it in a cooker…looks interesting , but even I am not a curd based dessert lover, so much so I can't eat Shrikhand which is loved by all…the taste of this should be like Shrikhand if I am right.

  2. i like that you think mosambi and orange are the same 🙂 i am also the same, but coming back to the recipe this one looks so cool, specially the rice cooker part of it…this one is definitely innovative

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