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When I decided on the Udupi Thali, and finalized the dishes I need to prepare, I read through the recipes couple of times to understand how I could cook this thali under 2 hours, with a family that needs a breakfast to be fed and some time spent with them as well. I cooked this Thali on a Sunday and the last one of the series. I warned Hubby Dear that he will be given grilled Cheese Sandwich and can expect a feast for the Lunch.
All thalis have fried snacks, and especially South Indian thalis have sambar and rasam which require tamarind to be soaked.
As with all South Indian Thalis, Udupi thali is also served on a plantain leaf. I got the leaf fresh in the morning. A very long one, which I sadly had to chop on the trims.
I planned on making Kosambari, Urad Dal Bonda, Eggplant dry curry, Masala Chitra Anna, Menaskai, Raw Banana Sambar, Rasam, Payasa, Apart from this had homemade mango pickle, homemade Curds.
I had planned on making holige as well. However blog demanded that I cook only new dishes..:)
This is how I went about preparing for my actually cooking and proceeded.
Washed and soaked Urad dal for the Bonda
Washed and soaked Channa dal for the Kosambari
Washed and soaked Tamarind
Washed and chopped chilies, coriander leaves and curry leaves.
Prepped dry chilies and mustard blend for tempering.
Once all these were done, I went ahead making the fresh Udupi Sambar Podi and Rasam Podi.
Roast and grind masala for Menaski and Masala Anna. Grind to a powder once cooled.
Soaked Rice for Steamed Rice.
Fearing that I will forgot the jackfruit papad, I got it out in view.
Next pressured cooked the Dal for Sambar. While this was getting done, I chopped and MW Cluster Beans for the Menaskai.
then boiled broken wheat for the payasam. Since I didn’t want to use too many pressure cookers, I waited for the pressure to fall down, after which I made the jaggary syrup in the same PC.
Once the dal was nicely cooked, added the vegetable and cooked again.
Put the rice in the Rice cooker. It takes about 15 mins to get cooked. Let it stand on warm for 10 mins. Then transfer the rice to a bowl to get cooled for making Masala Chitra Anna.
Meanwhile I started with preparing Sambar and Menaskai. Both are very simple in preparation, once the ground masala and podi is handy. As this gets simmered, I started tempering for the masala anna.
When these two are simmering, I ground the coconut milk needed for the Payasam. Payasam takes about 10 – 15 mins of cooking time. Switch off once the payasam is thick.
Now start with the Rasam. I picked up Lemon Rasam and must say it’s the most simplest I have ever done. All it takes is just about 10 mins of cooking time, just to be boiled. and then allowed to rest to get the flavors settled. I would suggest you make this atleast 30 mins before serving the meals, for the rasam to settle down. Remember you need to have the rasam hot and you can’t reheat because its Lemon Rasam.
I ground the Urad dal just before making the bondas and once ground, add all the ingredients. Get the oil on heat and using two spoons, scoop it down to the hot oil. Take care of being gentle when you drop down.
While the bondas are cooked in medium – low flame, temper the Sambar, Menaskai and Payasam with its tempering ingredients.
Just before serving add salt and lemon juice to the Kosambari and fry your appalams.
If you are serving buttermilk instead of curds, prepare the buttermilk and chill it.
Your Udupi Thali is ready to be served!


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