Cafe Sua Da – Vietnamese Iced Coffee ~ V for Vietnam

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Next on the global tour, it’s V for Vietnam and we came upon a killer recipe and it’s for keeps. It’s called Cafe Sua Da, the Vietnamese Iced Coffee and it’s simply outstanding. I am not sure how many of you have already tried this. This is really such a simple recipe and I really wonder how I have never thought of it myself! All this recipe needs is Sweetened Condensed Milk, Coffee powder and Ice Cubes.
Anyway this refreshing drink is supposed to be very famous in Vietnam, where they use a special filter that sits on the serving glass and you have hot coffee extract/decoction, dripping directly on condensed milk. I am a coffee lover and would prefer that any day to tea. We have the traditional Madrasi Filter Coffer for our mornings, without which I simply can’t work. I am so addicted to that. My coffee consumption is only a cup in the morning and I am done. However Hubby dear drinks tea for evening, so during weekends, I make Tea and join him. Infact in the early years, it was even more of a ritual we used to follow.
So this Sunday when I was cooking up all the remaining letters, I had decided to make the coffee for the evening. I knew Konda loves coffee and tries to drink it during our travels. I have told her that coffee will be given only after college. She still can’t understand my logic behind many things that I tell her that she is allowed only after college. Anyway she was called for clicking and she was going all gaga over it. Infact she didn’t understand how I was going to make it, she was simply taken in by the filter coffee decoction that was getting prepared.

I normally use filter for my coffee decoction, however seeing how the Vietnamese brew their coffee,  I used my stainless steel filter. I was hoping that the top would fit my glass, it didn’t’. So I inserted into the glass to hold it’s position, when it was getting brewed. 
I used about three different ways. One batch with my electric filter, one with the manual filter and then I used instant coffee powder.
I personally felt that the instant coffee powder gave the best taste. However if the coffee decoction needs to be strong, so if your filter makes thick extract, it’s good. 
After making the decoction, and stirring the extract with condensed milk, I could see that Konda was getting so excited. Hearing all the commotion, my boys came over and wanted to know what the hungama was all about. When they saw some iced drink, they immediately wanted to drink. Infact I gave them to taste and they wanted to more. Konda tried the same line I give her, on the boys, saying coffee is not for kids. Both of them became serious and started sulking. I had to pacify them by offering this to them. In no seconds the entire glass was over. And then I had a sulking daughter! So I made it again for ourselves.
Hubby dear was asking why there was so much commotion, Konda was telling him that he should taste this awesome drink. He said he prefers hot coffee and not cold. She then told me that I should keep the coffee decoction always stocked for her. I said this is not allowed on regular basis. Anyway I know I will be making it again.
This is also known as Ca phe sua da which literally means milk coffee iced. Now for the drink!
South Indian Coffee Filter

Cafe Sua Da ~ The Vietnamese Iced Coffee
Country – V for Vietnam
Category – Drink, Kid Friendly
Preparation time – 10 mins
Ingredients Needed:
Coffee powder -1 tsp
Water – 1/4 cup
Sweetened Condensed Milk – 2 tsp
Ice Cubes
For Instant version, use 1 tsp of coffee powder
How to make Cafe Sua Da, the Vietnamese Iced Coffee 
For Filter Coffee Decoction method:
In a glass, place condensed milk and on it place the coffee filter.
In your filter, place the coffee powder on the top cup, pour boiling water on it.
The coffee decoction starts dripping and collects on the condensed milk.
Stir well and mix together. In a serving glass, have the ice cubes and on it pour the coffee mix.
Serve chill.
For the Instant coffee powder method:
Bring 1/4 cup water to boil, add the instant coffee powder, simmer. Once the coffee powder melts, mix with the condensed milk and pour over ice cubes.

This delicious drink joins the Kid’s Delight Anniversary party. What’s a party without a drink! Come join the fun!

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Cafe Sua Da - Vietnamese Iced Coffee ~ V for Vietnam

Course Drinks
Cuisine Vietnam
Author Srivalli
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  1. I love the coffee aroma but do not drink…not even after college:). But I am actually keen on learning your style coffee..we must have a session of this in Feb for sure. The procedure looks interesting .

  2. I've heard a lot about this Vietnamese coffee, but never tried it myself. My coffee loving husband might like this — I'm a very very occasional coffee drinker, but I'm sure I'll like this. Your sbs pics are awesome.

  3. This looks like the perfect cold coffee. I have started using filter to make decoction from last month. And Sruti is so crazy of cold coffee. I think I will pair them both today..

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