How to make Kulchas ~ Tawa Version

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We doing the second week of BM# 47. I opted to do “Pick up one Menu Card and do different course”. As some of you know, I am so crazy of Menu Cards or planning a menu. When we eat out, deciding what to eat hardly takes a minute. Rest of the time I will be spending checking out what’s on the Menu card and how the different dishes were brought together on the Card. We have already done this theme couple of times in the past. Yet I wanted to do one again. In the process, I always save the different menu cards I come across to use for the BM.
The theme is very interesting and it can be interpreted in different ways. However the catch is always the same. One has to do different courses. Though there is no restriction on the way the dish is cooked. All you have to make sure is, you follow how the dish is explained. So this does give a wide option and a free reign to the members. No wonder this theme was the most wanted theme of the edition. So much so that there are 5 members doing this theme for some weeks.

I know I have become a drag, still I repeat, things have become so hectic or maybe the cause of me becoming more lazy. Whatever it is, I have been so unplanned and what with Bakethon happening, a family wedding to attend in between, I was totally unprepared. To boot it all, we were having a competition at office for December drizzle, that happens every year during December. It was a cooking competition and ours was the first week. As expected I was to decide on all the dishes we were going to prepare. 
One of the dishes that I wanted to make was the Butter Kulchas and I was pairing it with a new gravy. So I thought I would experiment on how long the kulchas will remain soft after being prepared. What happened later was a big chaos as I had too many things on the plate and the lunch was a hurried one, where I was preparing too many dishes, all for the BM and wanted my folks to enjoy. I had invited parents for lunch and you can imagine how much of a hungama it would be. So the pictures I took were less than a minute and I wasn’t up to making them again for a decent picture clicking anytime now. I do plan to make these again for another photo shoot, though for now you will have to make do with what I have!
Coming to the Menu Cards I gave, I selected the Menu Card from Puranmal. This is a multicuisine restaurant and though I was tempted to make the fusion Menu card, I settled to something that could be done quickly. For day one it is Butter Kulchas.

Butter Kulchas

Ingredients Needed:
Maida / All purpose flour – 4 cups
Baking powder – 3/4 tsp
Baking Soda – 1/2 tsp
Sugar – 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Curds / Yogurt – 3/4 cup
Ghee – 2 tsp
Milk – 1 cup appr.
Oil – 2 tsp
Butter for brushing after cooked
How to make the Kulchas:
In a wide bowl, sift the flour with soda, baking powder, salt. Gradually mix in the curds, ghee. Rub well. Then slowly add the milk and knead to a soft dough. Cover with a a damp cloth and rest the dough for 30 minutes.
Beat down again, mix in a tsp of oil and cover again. Let it rest for 30 mins more.
Divide the dough into six to eight equal portions and form them into smooth balls.
Making the Kulchas
Take the dough balls, dust with maida, roll out as a disc. brush butter on top, fold again and roll out to a disc. This can be rolled out plain as well. 
Similarly make the remaining kulchas.
Place the kulchas on hot tawa, cook on both sides.
Brush the hot kulchas with butter and serve immediately.

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How to make Kulchas ~ Tawa Version

Cuisine North Indian
Dish Type Indian Flatbread
Author Srivalli
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  1. Kamalika We do have versions of similar breads made with wheat flour, however Kulchas are made with maida :). for healthier reasons when you add wheat it may not be authentic kulcha recipe

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