Bikaneri Papad Ka Paratha Menu

Bikaneri Papad Ka Paratha Menu

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Bikaneri Papad Ka Paratha Menu features yet another innovative kid friendly paratha stuffed with masala papad. For the stuffing, you crush the roasted papad and mix with onions and masala for the stuffing.

I planned for this Bikaneri Papad Paratha along with the Sev paratha. First of all, as this is another of those innovative ones, the same stuffing is used and served with the same side dishes as well. I pride myself on planning well and this was one such occasion that turned out so well.

I had my list was ready long back to make sure I don’t end up tensed cooking these. As luck would have it, I couldn’t get masala papad that I was looking to use for these parathas. I have to wait before finally laying hands on it.

Since there is no hard and fast rule to make these parathas, I used the same stuffing for this as well. The parathas were so good and it made a good change from the regular stuffing.

There are some papad recipes still pending to be made, I still remember Raja Kebab I made before.

With this Bikaneri Papad Ka Paratha, we come to the end of the Thalis featuring Indian Flatbreads. Come back next week for some totally rocking theme that I love and had literally slogged over a lot!

Bikaneri Papad Ka Paratha Menu

Bikaneri Papad Ka Paratha Menu

Bikaneri Papad Ke Paratha
Aam ka Achar
Green Chilli Pickle
Masala Raita
Sooji Halwa


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  1. Love your planning and you should be definitely proud of yourself. What an innovative and amazing paratha menu.

  2. Delicious bikaneri papad ka paratha thali. Liked your idea of different thalis. Nice thalis, would be looking forward for next weeks.

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