Tamil Nadu Hotel Style Mini Tiffin Thali

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Tamil Nadu Hotel Style Mini Tiffin Thali offers you a variety of tiffin dishes served in mini forms. The menu I am sharing today is typically what’s offered in many of the popular Vegetarian Hotels in Madras like Hotel Saravana Bhavan, Hotel Sangeetha etc. While tiffins are my most favorite meal and I always have a dilemma on what to choose between a poori or dosa, I have never ventured to order this mini thali as there are too many items for me to even cover. I have always enjoyed looking at it when others order it and even sometimes taste it.

I have also seen a limited dishes offered in this Mini Tiffin thali where the dishes offered is limited to 2 to 3. Whereas the full thali will have most of the tiffin items offered in mini versions. It really looks so inviting in its mini form. I bet one can’t complete the whole plate.

When I was discussing this with Amma, she suggested I make Poori as well. I was almost tempted as I could then make Mini Masala dosa with Potato Masala serving for both. Then I dropped the idea as I knew it will be too much. As such Hubby dear confirmed that out of the entire plate, he will be eating only one. He doesn’t like small portions of too many dishes in one serving.

I skipped Sambar, Green chutney and Kara Chutney that normally is served. Check out the entire collection of 100+ chutneys that you can make

I was relying on others at home to complete the whole setup.

The menu for Tamil Nadu Hotel Style Mini Tiffin Thali included;

Mini Idlis
Mini Dosas
Medu Vadai
Kalyana Pongal
Thakali Rava Kichadi
Kathrikai Gosthu
Thengai Chutney
Thakkali Thooku
Idli Milagai Podi
Aval Kesari

Tamil Nadu Hotel Style Mini Tiffin Thali

The new dishes that were made for this thali were the Mini Idlis, Kalyana Pongal, Thakali Rava Kichadi & Aval Kesari. I have already shared Kalyana Pongal last week for Cooking From Cookbook Challenge as I had followed Meenakshi Amma’s book. I wanted to coincide it with today’s post. I wasn’t so prepared.

Anyway, it’s a delicious Pongal and you must try!

Today’s recipe is going to be Thakali Rava Kichadi


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  1. When I come to see you, please do something like this for me! 🙂 Each time I go to a vegeterian restaurant, I always order for the mini tiffin. Here they give one vada, one mini masala dosa, mini idlis dunk in sambar, then there will be pongal (yum!), the sambar and three chutneys, kesari and a filter caapi, just enough to make you full and go home happy! Just looking at your picture is making me feel hungry…

  2. Great Hotel style tiffin Thali.. I’m drooling here Srivalli.Everytime seeing your posts boosts me to cook something like this Thali. You inspire me a lot. Hats off to your patience.

  3. I also order mini tiffin most of the time if I am taking breakfast from a restaurant. ITs very filling and most of the times I skip lunch. Lovely platter Valli.

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