Aam Sandesh | How to make Mango Sandesh

Aam Sandesh

Aam Sandesh is my choice for A under my series of Protein Rich Dishes, featuring A to Z Bengali Sweets. I initially wanted to make Aamshotto, which is Mango leather Rollups, stuffed with Sandesh. Though I was tempted much, I decided starting the series with a simpler dish will be easy for me. I was […]

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Mango Yogurt Cream Parfait ~ No Bake Dessert

Mango Yogurt Cream Parfait is an easy and a non cook, no Bake Dessert. This only took about 30 mins to get done from start. If you have hung curds, it becomes even more easier! I wanted to make the best of the time left to enjoy the mangoes, so with the Banganapalle that is […]

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How to make Mango Granita

Mango Granita

Mango Granita is the next one on the Frozen Desserts for Kids. I made this couple of days before, yet just couldn’t get to click pictures. After a hurried click, I gave this to the kids and they enjoyed it saying it tastes so much like the ones we get in shops in popsicles. I made […]

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Mango Lemonade ~ Summer Cooler

Mango Lemonade is an interesting blend of mangoes and lemon juice that makes a filling breakfast to start your day and a great summer cooler. While I mostly enjoy eating the mangoes as such, other than eating with curd rice, I felt I should really make an effort to try out all those different drinks […]

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