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  1. Usha says

    Yellow layer is clearly visible. What is that pink layer at the bottom of the glass? Pana cotta looks delicious and love such desserts where it can be set in single serving bowls.

  2. Varadas Kitchen says

    The tilted layers look lovely. I am sure they tasted amazing too.

  3. Srivalli says

    Usha, That's the glass tint. I misplaced my plain glass and was forced to use these..:)

  4. Nammi says

    Ooooh thank u ! I have been lookinh all over the place for a recipe that has agar agar instead of the gelatin.

  5. Priya Suresh says

    Absolutely delightful, pannacotta looks super refreshing.

  6. Archana Potdar says

    The yellow is visible absolutely. I guess I cannot postpone making this beauty anymore. In my place it will have to be chocolate and chocolate only.

  7. Chef Mireille says

    beautiful effects - I want to try to achieve that layered look - you've inspired me

  8. Smruti Shah says

    Love the way you layered the two colors. Perfect dessert you got there!

  9. Pavani N says

    Beautifully presented dessert Valli. I love these individually served desserts.

  10. vaishali sabnani says

    Beautiful dessert Valli..I love the glasses and the red tint is enhancing the dessert..absolutely delicious.

  11. Sandhya Ramakrishnan says

    I have always stayed away from the layering recipes as they are so time consuming and need to be done so meticulously. You have made them absolutely beautiful.

  12. Sapana Behl says

    Omg the panacotta looks stunning.

  13. Ritu Tangri says

    this panna cotta looks sooo ravishing, just want to grab that glass and finish it. Did you use homemade coconut milk?

    • Srivalli says

      Yes Ritu, it was homemade coconut milk..:)..thanks

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