Kids Lunch Box – Ideas for Sandwich fillings

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Konda loves sandwiches. She can live on them for all three meals. There was a period when she was so crazy about Dosas. she would want Dosas for all three meals, then next year it got shifted to bread. It had to be with bread all the time. As with most south Indian families, I get to hear this sentiment being expressed often. Comments such as she eats only bread and nothing else. Somehow breakfast for elders at home, always meant eating Idlis, Dosas, Pongal or at least Pooris. But never anything with bread. One eats bread only when not keeping well. I have given up explaining that bread is recommended diet during illness because it is so healthy.

Anyway cutting the story short, I decided I would at least make it very filling and wholesome to avoid such complains.

With my boys, they eat their breakfast at school, so it will anyways be either dosa, aloo paratha, poha. Since Peddu loves Cheese Sandwich and Jam, I send that for him, while Chinnu takes Dosas with Sugar. Yes he is so fond of the sugar combo, I know it’s bad to give in, but well I guess they will grow out of it. Also the amount of energy spent will balance that empty calorie going in.

When it comes to Konda’s weekly menu, I try to mostly plan her meals. I always stock bread as it’s easy to get her eat this. But when she plans a menu, she makes sure she eats. While Nutella, Cheese spread and Jam are her favorite fillings for bread, I also make Cheese toast, aloo stuffed, Paneer stuff for her bread fillings.

I decided that I should collect some ideas and try them myself. These ideas are collected from various sources, GDM members, recipe clippings. I thank them all for saving Moms in distress..:)

I often get emails from readers asking for menu help and ideas, I thought sharing these ideas on the blog will help many others.

Please do share your idea, if it’s not already listed here.

Kids love food served in different shapes. I think they love those heart shaped, circle shaped ones. So you can cut out using cutters and make them sandwiches.

If you want to make a bunny, you can use carrot for ears, raisin eyes etc

Vegetarian Fillings

Sweet Fillings:

Peanut butter Jam
Peanut butter with some banana rings and little honey.
With Buttered bread slices with Honey, Banana slices
Toasted Bread with butter and Jam
With Nutella, Banana rings
Lightly grilled apple slices, honey and cottage cheese
Condensed milk

Savory Fillings

With Buttered bread slices with a layer of green pesto sauce and slices of tomatoes and cucumber
With Buttered bread slices with Hummus, Tomato, Cucumber slices, Salt and pepper if required
Cheese, Tomato, Cucumber
Cream Cheese with sautéed vegetables
Hummus, Grated Carrot, Cucumber
Tomato, Mozzarella, Avocado
Plain cheese sandwich
Potato cheese sandwich- Potatoes cubed very small and sautéed with little salt & pepper.
Carrot sandwich (Grated carrot sautéed with salt, chilli powder, onion)
Cheese, Cucumber with Salt and pepper
Cheese, Tomato  with Salt and pepper
Cheese (pepper jack) and mustard
Butter, Garlic spread, Italian herbs and cheese
Green Chutney with Cucumber
Green Chutney with Cucumber, boiled potatoes
Garlic chutney
Mint chutney
Garlic relish, hummus
Sautéed Onions, Green Chilies and salt
Cheese with sautéed onions, chilis.
Grated Cheese, Chili Flakes and salt
Pizza Sandwiches

Non Vegetarian Filling

Cheese and Ham
Turkey and Cheese
BLT sandwich
Turkey, Lettuce and Mayo
Turkey, Cheese, Tomato and Cucumber
Butter/hard boiled egg,
Butter/scrambled egg
Tuna melt
Ham and cheese/salami and cheese
Egg salad
Eggs and cheese
Turkey slices and cheese with ketchup
Leftover Chicken
Shredded Chicken
French toast
French Toast Sandwich.

Club Sandwiches

Layer of pesto on one slice, a layer of sun dried tomato spread on another. A few tomato slices, and some greens, and a slice of pepperjack cheese. grill and wrap it in foil.
Butter/Green Chutney/Ketchup/Cheese slice
Boiled Potatoes, Grated Beets, Cucumber, Green Chutney

Leftover Subjis

Aloo Sabji
Rajma Masala
Channa Masala

Basically all vegetable curries can be stuffed if you sauté them dry, spice them up a bit and stuff between.

The sandwiches can be served plain, grilled, toasted on pan, or sandwich maker.

We now have a wide variety of cheese spreads seasoned with spices available. They make a great filling for a quick bite.

I think I covered almost everything, but then you never know. I would love to know and expand this list with more ideas I may have missed out here. Please do share them.

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  1. Hi Srivalli …thanks for dropping by and as i was looking through your posts i found this one quite interesting . Even i get many requests for sandwich fillings esp. for kids and tiffing boxes . You have suggested many practical n healthy fillings but i find that baking stuffed breads like calzones and rolls etc is so much time saving when the dough is ready in the fridge …also using whole wheat flour and soya flour etc . ensures good nutrition for the kids and the bread will not be regretted.

    I could not understand why bread is considered illness food as you have mentioned , is there a story behind it…i am curious..In the north of India , only khichris and soups are associated with illness 🙂

  2. Hello Sangeeta,

    Thanks for writing in. I am glad you found this interesting..

    Yes of course stuffed breads are so easy and quick to get done if you have the dough ready. Actually I was to cover on that next, this post was only for sandwich filling. Thought it might be useful to get them to one place.

    hahah yes in the south of India, most folks consider bread to be a food when one falls sick. Of course doctors advice them to eat bread because it is healthy. On the contrary it has come to mean that way. I was lucky that my parents loved to have this as part of their breakfast menu. It took a while to get my husband get over this notion. Even now he jokes that Idlis and bread is to be eaten when one has fever, meaning they are bland. I ensure his sandwich is much spiced..:)

    Thanks for the nice conversation..

  3. Since the sandwiches are made and packed almost 4 hours in advance ….The bread tends to get soggy..any ideas what could be done for that

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