Weekly Menu for Kids ~ Week 5

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Starting the new month with a resolution to plan the menu for the kids. Since I was covering two age group here, I thought I might as well try to put it separately.
I had a tough time planning for the boys as they are not willing to carry anything other their favorite poha or lemon rice off late.

For Age group – 3 – 5 years

Week5 Breakfast Lunch
Monday Dosa with Groundnut Chutney Aloo Paratha
Tuesday Cookies Tamarind Rice
Wednesday Poha Lemon Rice
Thursday Dosa with Groundnut Chutney Coconut Pulao
Friday Cookies Noodles

For Age group – 6 – 12 years

Week5 Breakfast Lunch
Monday Dosa with Groundnut Chutney Aloo Cheese Stuffed Paratha
Tuesday Channa with Chapatis
Wednesday Bread with Nutella Onion Rice With Aloo Roast
Thursday Dosa with Coconut Chutney
Friday Idlis with chutney

The menu gives me an idea to plan, there are days when I might change depending on the day’s demands. I mostly follow the plan I chart out for Konda as I asked her what she wants. Whereas Chinnu wanted only Chapati or Lemon rice when I asked him. Guess I will have to plan something or get something that they might like. 

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  1. What do you do when the demand is for one thing in the night and diametrically opposite when it is just time to set off to school. I am having a tough time with this. to add to this every thing to chips is coming back uneaten. she does not have a thing in her tummy after night food to lunch at 2 pm.

    Please help

  2. This is really an appreciable venture Valli.I too operate like that.I mean with the menu.That will give the required ease and kid's will maintain the nurture..Cheers !

  3. I would love to do something like this for Lil Angel.But the problem is after planning either I won't be albe to make it or she will refuse to take it!So stopped planning and I am deciding what to do just the previous night after 'consulting' my Lil one…

  4. Archana I can understand that situation and know it to be most stressful. I have been there..So one thing that I tried doing is to get them agree to the food that I am sending it.

    With my daughter it was better, because I used to ask her to suggest and maneuvour it to what I wanted. Once I agree her to plan and tell me, I used to constently remind her that I was sending what she asked. Few other things that really helped is, blogging about her wish and getting comments on her food habits. She was trilled that she was talked about and her choice was good..:)

    I know that's backhanded, but then anything to get them eat properly right. With my boys, this method is not working. They refuse to change their liking and I can't send them the same food every day. I will have to plan something else.

    Mélange thanks, so nice to know that you do this too..:)

    PJ Yes even with this plan this can happen very much. Having a menu helps in giving us some ideas. If we are not able to make it, atleast it means we had some plans right..I work on that angle. So when that problem of them wanting something else happen, I remind that they only wanted for some reason…:)..other days I normally ask them before going to bed, which surely helps.

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