Coconut Groundnut Sesame Balls | Kobari Senega Ginjalu Nuvvulu Laddo

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Well the name got too long is what I finally thought for a laddo that was quite small and compact. I actually wanted to leave with the English name of this dish. But couldn’t miss out the chance of expanding my knowledge of writing Telugu names for the ingredients I use. Laddos are quite frequent at our home, with us making a quick fix based on the need of the hour. These laddos were something I made first when I went for the bloggers meet some months ago. Even though we had the plans well fixed in advance, last minute work kept me from making what I had planned. So I asked Athamma what was the quickest sweet that I can take for my friends and she suggested I make this.
I wasn’t sure how much my friends liked it. But Kamakshi wrote back asking me for the recipe, I was happy knowing they liked the laddos.
Today we start the Blogging Marathon Edition 5, which is going to happen for three weeks with about 13 bloggers doing each week. As you may have read we had some exciting themes this time too. I planned to make sweets for the first week. So stay tuned for the sweet attack.

How to make the laddos

Roast the ingredients separately and allow to cool.

Grind them to coarse or smooth texture according to your taste.

Roll them into small balls using your hand like this.

Get a perfect Laddo done in the end!

Coconut Groundnut Sesame Balls

Ingredients Needed:

Roasted Coconut, grated – 4 cups
roasted Groundnut, – 1 cup
Sesame – 1 cup
Jaggary – 2 cups
Cardomom pw – 5 pods
Ghee – 2 tsp

Method to prepare:

Roast coconut, groundnut and sesame separately, except cardamon

Allow to cool, once they are cool grind all the ingredients separately to coarse consistency

Pound the jaggary to powder. Finally mix everything together and add hot ghee. if you find the ingredients very coarse, pulse them together for them to get glued.

Using your palm, roll them into balls and press well so that they retain their shape.

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Coconut Groundnut Sesame Balls | Kobari Senega Ginjalu Nuvvulu Laddo
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  1. wow ! Ladoos with sesame seeds are new to me .. wouldnt mind tryign them out. I am sure for kids, they are a calcium-haven (what with jaggery and sesame seed combo here)

  2. Thank you friends for the feedback. It's surprising to hear some of you say that black sesame is not used in your kitchen. I have always known it being used at both my parent's place and in laws. In fact, Amma makes the laddoo and Modak stuffed with Sesame laddos as a mandatory offering for Ganesh Chavathi. Guess it changes with families. Very interesting to know that.

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