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Sandwich Platter

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Sandwich Platter Menu has interesting ideas for your parties that you can host for kids. This platter has popular sandwich dishes from the streets of Mumbai.

For Day 2 of Platters in the Thalis & Platters, I decided to do a Sandwich Platter. When you talk about the street food from Mumbai, the most noteworthy would the different sandwiches you can get.

After a long read on the different options available, I finally picked up some of them and it also has a special Sandwich Masala that makes these sandwiches more delicious. These sandwiches are certainly some of the best I have made to date. To make it complete, I made the caramel chocolate sauce for the toast and the Caramel Chocolate Toast was a delicious, sinful dish to enjoy!

I made a potato stuffing and paneer stuffing as these two are always the favorite with kids. These make a quick option to make on its own for breakfast too. First of all, sandwiches are great breakfast options and kids love to have a quick grab before leaving for school. Because these are quick to make, not just kids, elders too would love to enjoy these varieties.

How to make these Sandwiches?

These buttered sandwiches can be made on tawa or can be grilled in a toaster. I have tried making it in a sandwich maker too. If you have those stovetop sandwich gadgets, it works out best. The only point is, you will have to make a few of those gadgets, else you will have to keep waiting for one to get complete.

Do try these and enjoy!

Sandwich Platter Menu

Sandwich Platter Menu

Mint Chutney
Caramel Chocolate Sauce
Mumbai Masala Aloo Sandwich
Grilled Potato and Cheese Sandwich
Paneer Pav Bhaji Sandwich
Caramel Chocolate Toast

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  1. I still need to do a couple of platters and the sandwich one is at the top of the list. 🙂 You have basically covered some of the popular sandwiches and again kept kids in mind while planning. This platter can pass as a yummy meal for any time of the day.

  2. I loved the platters theme and did one on sandwiches as well. Paneer and potato stuffing are always popular with kids. And the caramel and ganache toast? Oh yum yum..

  3. I am a big fan of breads and would love to enjoy them – the Mumbai sandwiches have a very long list and they are so so delicious . Last year my son in law took me for a evening snack to one of the most famous sandwich outlets – I observed that they are lavish with butter , cheese and of course the sandwich masala . Most of the sandwiches are made on big electric grillers but the hand held toasters are used too . More by the small hawkers who stand on the roads .
    I like the menu – specially the paneer pav bhaji sandwich and your and mine favourite caramel !

  4. Sandwich platters are always a huge hit at home especially with some assorted chutney. Love your platter and those are some of my favorite sandwiches. Can’t say no to this anytime.

  5. Perfect party platter for kids. Kids would love to enjoy and forget them, I would love to enjoy that caramel chocolate Toast…

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