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  1. Sangeetha says

    Nice to know that your family supports u a lot for Blogging,great!
    Wonderful spread...we too make mango rice similar way!!

  2. Priya says

    Wow they did a wonderful job, else we would have missed all those yummy feast clicks.. Even mango rice are my favourite,lovely dish.

  3. Jayanthi says

    Kudos to your husband and your parents for their lovely decoration and pictures. So impressive and touching that the entire family is lending their hands in blogging. Love the spread of dishes...super super Valli...

  4. Sumi says

    Oh so nice of them to surprise you with picytures.Thali pictures are wonderful 🙂

  5. A Kamalika Krishmy says

    I understand why this thali is so sweet.. It is wonderful to have such a supportive family..

  6. The Pumpkin Farm says

    what a yummy spread...i have bookmarked so many of your sadam recipes :). Ought to try this out soon as it is season bound

  7. Smitha says

    thats so nice that all your family members support u in what you do! it that they are hooked on taking pictures even if you ar enot present!...I would love fo rmy family to do that for me...but :((
    they did a wonderufl job!...all the dishes look great and mamidi pulihora - yummy to the highest point!

  8. Rasi says

    i love manga sadham :).. such a sweet gesture from your hubby & dad's are always the sweetest .. how thoughtful indeed !

  9. PriyaVaasu says

    Lovely Spread valli!!! So cute, that ur whole family is into this!!!! Lovely!!!

  10. foodiliciousnan says

    That's so sweet of your hubby and dad! My hub often helps me in cooking and clicking for the blog and it becomes so much more fun then 🙂 love mangai sadam...apt for the season!

  11. DivyaGCP says

    It is so wonderful to have such a supportive family. Awesome spread..
    Love mango rice..

  12. Prabha Mani says

    Wow..that's a lovely Team Work ..!!Thali looks very nice..Guess it's been a year i have made Manga Sadam!!Loved it.

  13. Jayashree says

    That's so sweet of your family. The pics have come out very well.

  14. Chef Mireille says

    Daddy's new job - food stylist
    thali looks delicious!

  15. Nalini's Kitchen says

    They did a wonderful job Valli...fabulous spread,the clicks make me hungry after eating my lunch....tangy and tempting mango rice...

  16. Pavani says

    That's such a cute gesture. I guess you have trained them well 🙂
    All the pics look great. Thali looks delicious.

  17. Harini-Jaya Rupanagudi says

    Three cheers to your wonderful family!! very simple recipe which we all love.

  18. Cool Lassi(e) says

    Good to know that the whole family is supporting your blogging. Great platter! And i love Mango rice. Cna't wait to make some as I am seeing mangoes in the supermarkets now.

  19. rekhas kitchen says

    You must say thanks to you dad and hubby Valli see how beautifully they done for you.beautiful presentation. Mango rice is my alltime favorite.

  20. vaishali sabnani says

    wat a wonderful feeling ...feels grt wen one has that much support!!..lovely mango rice!

  21. Suma Gandlur says

    So thoughtful! Thanks to your family we got to see the thali. 🙂

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