Summer Special South Indian Vegetarian Menu

Mamidikaya Kobbari Annam

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This Summer Special South Indian Vegetarian Menu features dishes made with ingredients that are available during summer. Featuring Mango Rice, Black Eyed Peas Fritters, this is a simple and filling meal.

During the Summer season, when we get mangoes, right from the raw unripe fruit, to the ripe sweet ones, we make different dishes with mangoes. Some of the popular dishes with Raw mangoes are the Mango Mixed Rice, Mango Dal, Mango Chutney, and of course the most famous Andhra Avakaya.

When we talk about Mango Rice, we have many versions. I am sharing one of the versions today. The other versions include the simple Mango Rice, Mango Coconut Rice ver 1, Mamidikaya Gojju Annam

Some of the different mango dishes on C4AS

The thali that is featured today is about summer special dishes. When you talk about Summer, Madras Summers are sultry, dry, and humid. In that climate, all one wants is to drink chilled water or some juices. Keeping one hydrated is very important and you hardly want to spend time in the kitchen.

At times like those, making some easy mixed rice with just a few dishes will surely help. However, this doesn’t mean we skip deep fried dishes like the vadas. The vada featured in this thali is made with black eyed peas that are dried fresh with their skin removed.

These Black Eyed Peas are not the dehydrated peas. They dry peas fresh and remove the skin. I am not sure if these are sold in shops here, we normally get it from our hometown. They call it Pottu tisina Alasandalu in Telugu (Deskinned Black Eyed Peas). Just realized that I have so many versions of Alasanad Vada.

The Gulab Jamuns are our favorite. Amma always uses the storebought one, even though I have so many different Gulab Jamun versions done on the blog. All occasions like birthdays, anniversaries call for Gulab Jamun making and she does it in a breeze.

Chegodilu is a popular Andhra Snack and when somebody comes visiting us from Andhra, they are sure to get us a load. This time we had got it from AAB2, where this tastes good as well. Hubby Dear says, some dishes even if I do make them very well, are not worth spending so much time. I have again a couple of different versions of this snack.

We make new dishes for our elaborate Vegetarian Thalis cooked for Saturday Lunch and this is one such thali.

Mamidikaya Kobbari Annam

Summer Special South Indian Vegetarian Menu

Mamidikaya Kobbari Annam
Alsanda Vadalu
Steamed Rice
Gulab Jamun

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  1. MY MIL was very fond of mangoes and the whole summer season, we would find a green mango preparation in form or another every day. When I saw your post title, that’s what first went through my head. This is like a festive menu if you had just sambhar on the plate.

  2. We had a mango tree at home. It started flowering and giving mangoes only in the last few years and I used to lament until then that I won’t see it bearing fruit as long as I live! Now my younger brother sends a lot of pictures of the tree bearing fruits and they make all kind of dishes using it. Your post just reminded me of that :-). Lovely spread you have there and the vada is eye catching!

  3. Mangoes sure are a favourite with all of us , but other than Fajeto or some instant pickle I don’t use it in my cooking . The ripe mango is mostly used for desserts , the raw for bhels , but never rice or dals ! The idea if sour food doesn’t appeal my hubby , so I haven’t even tried so many versions of South Indian rice varieties .
    The thali looks delicious with all these dishes , some are definitely new to me !

  4. Summers and mangoes are synonymous in my mind 🙂 So many memories associated with them that I probably can write a book 🙂 Love the spread. Mango rice in any combination of spices is our absolute fav.

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