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  1. Krithi's Kitchen says

    I too make this... guilt-free munchies..

  2. harini-jaya says

    I tried these a long long time ago and we loved these too..thanks for reminding!

  3. Amelia's De-ssert says

    Thanks for sharing. I love this snack. Looks good without having to deep fry them.

  4. sushma says

    Looks yummy........always wanted to make these but dint know how? Will try ur recipe....

  5. Champa says

    I make them too. But I use buttermilk or yogurt to mix not water. It gives a little tangy taste.Looks good.

  6. Suma Gandlur says

    This has been on my to do list eversince I saw Bee's recipe. I think I have to try it now. 🙂

  7. ANU says

    wow...awesome baking idea...never tried this...thanks for sharing....

  8. Pavani says

    My 3-yr old loves panuts, I'm going to try these baked peanuts, I'm sure he'll like them. Yours look crunchy and delicious.

  9. sabina says

    Favourite snack....this sounds healthy,never tried the MW version.looks nice..

  10. Mom Chef says

    lovely one Valli ! didnt knowwe could bake masala peanuts too !

  11. Rujuta says

    All time fav snack to munch on..
    Should try the baked version..
    Thanks for sharing the recipe…
    Happy Blogging

  12. Jane says

    Love that you can cook these without oil. Will definitely try this one with my family.

  13. divya says

    Love this snack. It looks fantastic! 🙂

  14. jayasree says

    This was one of the first few dishes I tried in my MW. Finally, I add a teaspoon of oil to the peanuts before MW-ing them, to avoid the pale look.

  15. Cool Lassi(e) says

    Masala peanuts look splendid!The fact that it is baked is even better!

  16. Cool Lassi(e) says

    I have bookmarked this!

  17. Susan says

    I'd much rather have a handful of these crunchies rather than a candy bar. Really.

    Thanks, Valli, for your MLLA recipe!

  18. Swati Sapna says

    The baked peanuts look fab! a classy and healthy party snack for sure 🙂

  19. Sai says

    Has someone tried them? Please give feedback!

  20. Srivalli says

    Sai, I can say this surely works. If you want you can check on internet for other blogs which has tried this.

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