Haridwar Street Food

Haridwar Street Food

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Haridwar Street Food features some of the popular food available on the streets of Haridwar. Kachoris are one of the most popular dishes served with aloo sazbi.

The kachoris have at least three to four different side dishes like the Aloo Jhol, Sukhi Aloo Subzi, Sitapal Subzi and in some places even the Dhaba Style Chana Masala served. The regular pooris are called kachoris in different parts of Northern India.

They are two types of kachoris, the Khasta Kachori that is crispy small or big ones that are served as snacks. The other type of kachoris is the regular pooris that are also stuffed.

I have made so many Urad Dal stuffed Pooris. I was double making sure that I wasn’t repeating myself. This version was delicious as well and a new one. So I was happy to make it.

When I decided on street food, I was also clear that I make some rotis or pooris so that if the chaat dishes were not liked, I have a fall back dish. Pooris can’t go wrong and so you see, I ended up frying pooris for all of my themes.

Planning on the dishes for the theme:

I make pooris twice a month, though another deep frying has come to a stop. Not for health reasons or anything, just that we don’t find the time. Hubby dear wants Pakoras when it rains. It hardly rains here. I also worry that having these pakodas will disturb the dinner. Else nobody wants dinner. Vadas are the ones we make often and it is mostly for lunch.

However, in the last two months, I have used more oil than I have ever in my entire cooking time. Fried more dishes than I can imagine. Not that I am going to stop. These Haridwar wali Kachori and likes will surely tempt me more.

Apart from the Haridwar Kachoris, I also made Chotu ki Pakode and Papdi Bada Dahi Chaat from Haridwar. Both the chaat was super addictive and my kids loved it. They just couldn’t get enough of Papdi Bada Dahi Chaat. I also made Thickened Milk in Kullars for the sweet taste.

For finalizing the dishes, I saw so many videos to finalize my dishes. I had to drop some at the last moment. For today, I will be sharing the Haridwar wali kachori.

Haridwar Street Food

Haridwar Street Food

Starters: Chotu ki Pakode, Papdi Bada Dahi Chaat

Main: Haridwar wali Kachori

Side Dish: Aloo Jhol, Dhaba Style Chana Masala, Sitapal Subzi, Sukhi Aloo Subzi

Accompaniments: Khajur Imli Chutney, Hara Chutney, Meetha Dahi

Dessert: Thickened Milk in Kullars

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  1. We love Hardwar food , infact my sis in law stays there so we have been visiting her regularly . The taste of food is mind blowing ! We love these sabzi poori , chaats , pakodas – oh just about anything !
    Your spread is nice and big with all typical dishes which would be a perfect treat for everyone . I have to say Wow ! It’s a super spread !
    with so many pooris obviously you must have used lots of oil but remember it’s a mega marathon and you are doing two different sets of thalis !

  2. No wonder Valli, you have been doing non stop poori recipes and that much of frying is not surprising. However I bet your kids had a blast with this marathon.
    This Hariswarwali chaat is a super one and i am amazed that you have been able to come up with courses like a thaali meal using street food. I have tried all these dishes except those kachoris. Need to try them sometime.
    BTW, those chotu ke pakode were made famous by a person named chotu or they are called so for some other reason?

  3. You have so many recipes on your blog and I am sure you have a double or triple check. Lol… If I have to do street foods, I know where to find the recipes. πŸ™‚
    We love fried goodies for lunch as well and evening snacks definitely disturb the dinner routine. But some days we can’t help it right? With all these sides I am sure this Haridwari platter would have been amazing.

  4. Thickened milk in kulhad…you got me there. Now in the north slowly plastic is taking over, but whenever I go, I insist to have lassi and tea in kulhad and the shopkeeper is like are you mad..Yes I am, I want that. The taste in that is different and the fun to break it after enjoying the meal is another story πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ….You have made an amazing Street platter from Haridwar

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